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What did I write last time…?

Continuing my post long time ago, I think wrote about me going to British Museum and I wanted to post more photo of the museum. Actually, I checked my photo folder and I found out that most of the pictures are low in quality because I ran out of memory space when I was in London and I did not bring my extra. Here are the one that I manage to save lol.

Their prehistoric exhibition is pretty cool. They have few Dino skeleton and they re-create a T-rex that can move. If you walk to the Earth Exhibition, you can also learn about natural phenomenon such as quake, tsunami, and volcano. They also have a room where they recreate the great Kobe Earthquake.

From the museum, I wanted to go to Hyde Park because I remember the day was so sunny and warm. I kinda wanted to have a stroll in the park. I walked from the museum to Kensington Garden, spent few hours there before I went back to my hotel.

Kensington Garden

Hyde Park is actually really big. It forms a chain from Kensington Palace towards Kensington Garden and Hyde Park and ends at Green Park near Buckingham Palace.


The next day, I took a half-day tour from Victoria London to Stonehenge. I got a local tour via Stonehenge because it’s impossible to go there without your own transport. You can also go book the tour from Salisbury (which is the closest town to Stonehenge). People usually combined this tour with another trip to Bath, but I did not choose that.

If you go there during the public opening hour, there’s a separator between you and the inner circle. There’s a special tour for accessing the inner circle, usually during dawn or dusk. This special tour usually cost you around 145GBP (including tour to Bath and the admission fee to Stonehenge). Mine only cost 50GBP cause it was a half day tour (including ticket fee)


Noone knows the purpose of this Neolithic stone. Some says for astronomical purpose, some says it’s a burial site. But really, noone knows.

And that’s all. I know it’s not much photo or info. But I don’t think the trip is worth the time and effort. Stonehenge is listed as UNESCO Site and surely you can learn a lot about history there. However, it’s almost 3,5 hours drive from London, it’s not worth just spend a day or half day there. You should combine your trip to Stonehenge with a trip to Bath. And if possible, do the special inner circle trip on sunset/sunrise. You can see the stone closer and it’ll make your trip much more memorable.

See you next time and please watch me moving the stone in Stonehenge 🙂

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