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Scotland Royal Mile

I went to Scotland 2 years ago and I realized I haven’t write anything about it. My journey started from London and then I flied to Edinburgh and spent around 4 days and 3 nights there (which was not enough). I stayed at an AirBnb around the Royal Mile because I took a local tour and most local tours gather and depart from Royal Mile early in the morning. Also Royal Mile is the main street, so you can always find anything. It is called the Royal Mile because the road is connecting Edinburgh Palace and Edinburgh Castle, and the length is a mile.

The Royal Mile

The street is full of restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops selling whisky and wools product. Bring your ID with you if you’re buying the alcohol.

I arrived at my airBnB around 3PM. It was quite late and so I decided just to go around the street and visited the palace. Scotland is cold, let me remind you. I went there on early May and it was still around 10-14C. I even asked my airBnB host for extra blanket at night.

Edinburgh Castle opens from 9:30 to 5PM (last admission is at 4PM). When I arrived at Edinburgh Castle, they had some kind of parade so I decided not to go in. In case you’re wondering, the admission ticket is 17.50GBP. There are a lot of things you can see and experience inside the castle. I think you’ll find out about it more at the castle website here:

Street Performance

If you’re lucky, you’ll find street performer dressed in kilt, playing a bagpipe.

Another common stuffs I found in Royal Mile is.. there are a lot of local tour promoting their business. I booked my local tour way before my trip to UK, but if you haven’t booked anything, you might as well try asking one of those local tours. Mind you, they might be fully-booked during the peak season. My tour guide also explained that the Scots (or the Brits in general) are quite superstitious.. you’ll find a lot of horror-related tour where they’ll bring you to dungeon or graveyards at the night time.

Edinburgh Day Two

My first local tour took me to Scotland Highlands. It was a day tour, departing at around 7:30 AM in the morning. It took me to Glencoe, Ben Navis, Loch Ness, and the Highland tour. We departed by bus and because it’s a day tour, we can only see and enjoy the Highland from the bus. They stopped at certain view point, but you’ll only get 15 minutes max to take photo and enjoy the nature. If you spend a lot of time in Edinburgh, I’d recommend you to take a proper tour to Inverness or Isle of Skye and spend few days there. I guarantee you, the view in northern part is really pretty and you won’t regret it.

I’ll show you a bit of spoiler of my tour to the Highlands.. I’ll write about it next time!

Thank you so much for reading this post. It’s not very informative and I wished I can spend more time writing and wording my thoughts and experience properly. I realized I haven’t write for a while. I hope you enjoy your visit to Edinburgh and share me your experience in Edinburgh in the comment box below!

Have a good day!

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