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How I miss travelling

I used to feel tired when I travelled to UK several times last year. Mainly because it’s work related, the long-hour flight, and also the jetlag. But as I am scrolling through my photos in Scotland, I realize how much I miss traveling. I miss the feeling of being somewhere I’ve never been before, meeting new people, and trying something new. I miss my friends and colleagues in UK. I miss the smell of fresh air and the smell of rain.

Now that’s it’s only few months left to 2021, I can only look back on the cancelled trips and flights. Where have been my 2020 gone? I’m pretty sure it’s not only me that feel that. I’m still grateful that I have my work and I get the opportunity to learn new skills. Still, I miss traveling.

Where I live in Japan, we don’t apply lock-down. Japan is also re-staring their travel industry by several campaign. I might try to travel around (domestically) while considering the public health and social measures for COVID-19. Wherever you are, please stay safe. I cannot wait to see you again.

And for the time being, let’s connect online!

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