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One day tour at NHK Japan

Hello lovelys!
I’m going to write about my recent visit to NHK Studio in Shibuya.

This visit is part of cofesta ambassador event.
If you don’t know what cofesta is, make sure you check it here!

Let’s start!

So, NHK studio is located in Shibuya. Just go along Inokashira street in Shibuya, and you’ll find the studio at the end of the street.

In order to get the access to go into the studio, you’ll need a guest nametag that you could obtain by filling some form at the entrance.

The first place we went to is the news studio

Me and Prita as news announcers


I look professional, don’t I? LOL
We were guided by NHK spokesperson who kindly explain us how things work behind the scene. He also explained that compared to other studios, NHK news studio’s ceiling is rather low. Years ago, when the founder did this business, NHK studio in Shibuya was simply an office.


News scripts are usually displayed on the screen, so actually the news caster could read the script. The clock over there is also for the time-keeping purpose
A closer look
News caster could also see how she looks like in the camera.
This is Sunny from China. Look, how surprised she was.
This camera is used to record the news.
Hi-edge camera. Santa, I want one.
Now let’s move to the weather broadcast area. The weather broadcast area is actually just a green-screened area located near the news area.


Ron and Pritta playing with the green screen
Now, I’m going to tell you the weather prediction from Odaiba rainbow bridge LOL
The news area is located in the 7th floor. Please maintain your voice because they might have some show on-air.
Let’s move to the 6th floor! What’s on 6th floor?
It’s the NHK Radio!
FYI, NHK is now broadcasted in 17 languages! How awesome it is!


Some equipment in the recording room.
They have several recording rooms in this floor.


DJ Ron with Olfa as the cameraman.
Then we were taken to the office room. In this office room, people from all over the world do the translation works.
A vending machine and a small pantry can also be found in this room.
The spokesperson explain to us, that the 5-6th floors are mainly for NHK world purpose (for international show purpose). For domestic show, usually it’s recorded in the 1st floor, which is bigger and more spacious.
Let’s see the studio


They said this is the typical medium sized studio.
There are even bigger studios than this.
We then went to NHK Asaichi sets. We are allowed to take photo, but we are not allowed to publish the photo. So, I’m really sorry…
This is the make-up room / waiting room
They have several make-up rooms in this floor.
Dressing rooms (room to store dresses for shooting purpose) also can be found in this floor
NHK has cafetaria, so the employees don’t have to go out to eat. The food here are delicious and cheap.
We arrived at the cafe around 7 PM, and there were some staffs having their dinner by that time. They cafe are open until 9 PM.
Our dinner was sponsored by NHK! Yay~ thank you


it looks like my uni cafetaria.


Mr. chef, please hurry up. I’m hungry already 😀


I ordered negitoro bento.. Looks so delicious.


Mouth-watering dinner, indeed.
We ate our dinner while chatting with the spokesperson. He kindly answered our questions related to NHK. He also speaks english so well.
Another person from NHK joined us for dinner. He conducted a small survey about how to promote NHK abroad.
And.. After dinner, this is the highlight of this event!
J-MELO recording with May J and alexandros. (No photos allowed.)
May J is really petite in person. It will be broadcasted on January or February. Wait for it ne!
Last things, if you want to watch NHK, they have an app to stream their show online. Get it here
I will be in Shizuoka-Nagano for new year holiday. I’ll post more photos later.
Merry Christmas and Happy holiday!
(comments are always loved)



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