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Nagoya Castle


I’m coming back with another post.
I might be very busy next week (I’m currently in Singapore for school stuffs now).
I hope you guys are doing well with whatever you do (job or school).
I’m going to write about Nagoya Castle.
Nagoya Castle is located in Nagoya, Aichi. It is known as one of the greatest castle in Japan alongside with Himeji and Kumamoto (I’ve never been to both).


“Nagoya Castle was constructed on the orders of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA in order to secure an important position on the Tokaido road and to ward off attacks from the direction of Osaka. Construction was completed in 1612.” – source

How to get there?

From Nagoya Station:
  • Take Higashiyama Subway Line to Sakae, then transfer at Meiyo Line. Stop at Shiyakusho station.
  • Take a Meguru Tourist Bus
It costs around 200-500Β₯, but you could purchase a one day trip ticket. Please ask staff in the station for more info.
The admission fee for Nagoya Castle is 500Β₯

What’s inside?

The Hommaru Palace

The genkan (entrance of Hommaru Palace)
Honmaru palace used to be use as the residence and government office.
Now, it is used as museum.

The Main Building of The Castle


This is the main building of the Castle.
There are 7 floors in the main building. You could take the elevator or just walk the stairs.
On the top floor, there is observation deck and gift shop.
From this observation deck, you could see almost the entire city.
The garden observed from the observation deck
On the 5th floor, there are the history of the castle and a full size replica of kinsachi.


The mural about the life in that period
Kinsachi – or the golden dolphin.
The kinsachi is an imaginary animal that could prevent fire.
You could find a lot of kinshachi in this castle.
Even if when you observe the roof of the castle, you could spot 2 kinsachis – Male and Female
On the 4th floor, there are the castle construction and armors (and swords) collections.
The 2nd floor is the special exhibition hall. You could see a lot of room replica, palanquin, Β etc.


On the 1st floor, you could see artifact, painting, etc..
Typical old house


The miniature of Nagoya City during Edo Period


Painting, and all.

The Ninomaru Garden

I kept saying Ninomiya Garden (I’m not even a fans of Arashi, lol). This is a dry Japanese garden, laid out on the Northside of the Castle.
The Ninomaru Garden


I think we came in the wrong time (in winter)
no people, and the plants looked unattractive.


There is a tea house inside the garden
You could pay and drink tea (and have sweets) inside


My camera want to say hi!


I think it’s quite satisfying tho because I love the history (Tokugawa clan, Nobunaga clan.. LOL Blame the game!).
The Castle itself is currently under renovation, so it might be a little noisy.
My friend said the Sakura here is pretty good, which is why you should come on Spring. I came on winter and the garden was not that good.
The Castle open from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. However the last admission to the main castle and the Hommaru palace is 4 PM.


Me, messing around with the Kinsachi.


    • Thank you Jenny.
      I also wonder about the other castles since I've never gone inside them.
      Have a good day

  1. Wonderful tour #ibabloggers

  2. everything is soo pretty *_* can't wait to see it.

  3. Beautiful tour, thank you for sharing! I will show it to my mother – she will love your post! I especially like the dry garden with its unusual trees.

    • It's really lovely.
      I can't wait to see the flowers bloom in the garden
      Have a good day.

  4. εε€ε±‹γ«γ„γ£γŸζ™‚γ€γŠεŸŽγ‚’ε‚γ‚ŠγŸγ‹γ£γŸγ§γ™ けど、迷子にγͺγ‚ŠγΎγ—γŸγ€‚ζ–Ήε‘ιŸ³η—΄γ§γ™γ‹γ‚‰γ€‚ζ‚²γ—γ„γ§γ™γ­γ€‚

    • 璺か!
      η§γ‚‚ζ–Ήε‘ιŸ³η—΄γ γ‹γ‚‰γ€γ™γγ«ι“γ«θΏ·γ£γ‘γ‚ƒγ†γ‚“γ γ€‚η¬‘

  5. Beautiful!!! Thank you for taking us on a picturesque tour! #ibabloggers

  6. G'day! Thank you for taking me on a journey through your eyes!
    Cheers! Joanne

  7. Beautiful pictures. I would love to visit and your pictures make it even more desirable!

  8. Lovely place. I was in Tokyo and outskirts several years ago and just loved it. I wish there was more time to tour the countryside more. I am an #ibablogger and new follower to your blog. Would love it if you visited me as well at

    • Thank you Enzie,
      I am also following you already.
      Have a good day

    • I want to write about Singapore too.
      Too much to write, too little time πŸ™ *blogger problem*
      Have a good day!

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