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Filming in Kyoto – Part 2-

Hello!! Merry Chrissie and Happy New Year 2016! I hope you guys had an awesome holiday and let’s start 2016 with a new energy.

I might post something about 2016 and my resolution, but let’s save that for later :DD


Thank you for watching Quiz Surprise Japan in Waku Waku Japan Channel. If you haven’t read the part 1 of this post, please read it here.

And thank you for sending me the screen capture and the footage. It’s totally embarrassing seeing myself on TV, but I get to learn from my previous mistake.. 😀 Please continue to support this clumsy girl.

Anyway, on the last post, I wrote until the scene in Toei Eigamura, so let’s continue to the next part!!

The filming in the second day was not less tiring than the first day. We went to explore almost all the famous temples in Kyoto!!!

  1. Fushimi Inari Taisha 伏見稲荷大社
    This temple is famous for it’s bajillion , red-coloured torii. But do you know that in the back of this shrine, there are thousands of torii lined-up to a hiking trail? These torii is called senbon torii. Most of them are donated (by individual or companies). You can find the name of the donators engraved in the torii. I found this super big torii donated from Hakuhodo inc. Sasuga…
  2. The entire hike takes around 2-3 hours. However, me and the crew, we did not hike until the summit. We hiked for 40 minutes until the waterfall. Then we filmed the scene where I have to mediate under the waterfall.
    Oh, I also did the normal zen meditation. I don’t remember the name of the temple, but it has a beautiful garden
  3. Kiyomizudera 清水寺
    Kiyomizudera is one of the temples listed on UNESCO world heritage site. This temple is famous for it’s Kiyomizu Butai. Kiyomizu Butai looks like a stage, supported by 13-metre-tall pillars. The crew told me that Kiyomizu Butai was build without using any single nail!
    IMG_8278Kiyomizu ButaiIMG_8280
    Your reporter on duty 😀 heheThese are how the temples look like:
    IMG_8272 IMG_8275
    Inside the temple, there is this place where you can make a wish. There are 2 stones placed in that place. The stones are called omokaru ishi おもかる石. Before you make a wish, predict the weight of the stone (without lifting it). Then make a wish and try to lift the stone. If the stone is lighter than what you’ve expected and you can lift it, it means your wish will come true. I decided to write about this stone because I found out that many foreign tourists do not really know how to do it.IMG_8274
    And you can find a lot of shops along the way to Kiyomizudera. The crew brought me to two shops selling traditional folded fans and Yatsuhashi 八つ橋, the famous snack from Kyoto.
  4. This temple.
    Actually I can’t remember the name of this temple. This temple is not very famous for tourism. The monk said that most people come to learn about the Buddhism or meditate. There’s a golden torii in this place and I did the “money washing” ceremony. It’s believed, by doing so, it’ll increase my money. Hahaha I hope this year I’ll get them 😀
    IMG_8310           IMG_8312
  5. Kamo River
    There is this river in the middle of Kyoto. It’s called Kamo River.
    IMG_8313 IMG_8314
    Can you see the building behind me? It’s called Noryo Yuka. The summer in Kyoto is known as the hottest and most humid in Japan, that’s why eating outside in balcony become famous.
    The balcony (yuka) is facing the river. This open-air dining area gave me a unique experience. Eventhough the price might be a little bit pricy, I found it reasonable. The crew ordered me this menu called obanzai: home-cooked cuisine. It came with 9 different dishes in small bowls. So good and I can’t finished all of them. Don’t forget to try it!
  6. Gion
    This is the place where you can sit and relax in one of the ochaya 御茶屋 and probably watch the Maiko performance. I got the opportunity to watch the Maiko’s performance and even play with her. She’s so young. She told me the maximum age for Maiko is 20.
    I watched her dance, I played with her, I even took selfie with her. One rule: no physical contact!
    And if you see Maiko or Geisha walking on the street of Gion, please ask nicely if you want to take photos. If they refuse, just leave them alone and don’t run after her. I saw this foreign lady run after a Maiko to take a photo, and you know what, it’s considered as super rude.There are a lot of places in Gion area that offers service to dress you in Kimono or as a Maiko. The crew had me dressed as Maiko. The clothes are super heavy. They told me the total weight of the costume that I had to wear is around 8 kgs. Can you imagine how the Maiko dress like that in the whole day?
  7. The fire ramen
    This fire ramen is located at menbakaichidai 757-2 Minami Iseyacho, Kamigyo-Ku, Kyoto 602-8153, Kyoto. It really famous on TripAdvisor.
    The chef explain to me that if you burn the onion leaves, it will leaves a really nice smell. However, he told me to be careful. We need to wear this napkin to protect our clothes . Even I was told to tied my bangs until I finished eating so my hair won’t catch a fire.
    IMG_8324 IMG_8319
  8. 甘春堂 Kanshundo
    This place sells a lot of traditional sweets from Kyoto. They are looks so pretty!!! I can’t even eat them because it’s such a waste. LOL Just kidding, I ate a lot of sweets sample hahaha.
    In this place you can also learn how to make those sweet. Do you want to see mine?
    The ones on the middle are mine. LOL Look so ugly. The teacher told me to mold them gently, but I kept using a lot of power. Shame on me and my strength LOL


Anyway, my adventure in Surprise Japan has came to an end. I hope I could involve in a lot of filming next time. If you watch the programme, don’t forget to leave comment!

Thank you for those who had sent me the footage! I’ll come back with a high quality photo in the next post!


  1. lovely tmeples, I love old town and everything which has to do with old and traditional. I’d love to visit the places some day <3 your japanese sweets are definitely not ugly!, they pretty and cute. I also hope that they tasted good!

    • Angel Stefani Angel Stefani

      Hey!!! Miss you so bad! Thank you for the compliment, it’s really encouraging
      Have an amazing weekends!

  2. Halo Stefani Angelia!

    Meski ngga sering, tapi saya uda bbrapa kali nonton acara Quiz Surprise Japan di WakuWaku. And I just realized recently, kalo saya udah cukup lama add account Google+ punya kamu, dan baru aja lihat link blog ini di home stream.

    Anyway, your report is awesome!
    Gaya penyampaiannya menarik, simple, n tentunya gampang dimengerti utk audience Indonesia.
    Yg saya penasaran, sebenarnya script monolog-nya kamu yg bikin sendiri lalu improvisasi, atau dari pihak scriptwriter WakuWaku yg juga sesama orang Indo?

    Thanks for sharing your great experience there.

    “It’s not just about the destination, but the journey”

    • Angel Stefani Angel Stefani

      Halooo!! Aku terharu baca komennya 🙂 Makasi udah mampir!
      Sebenernya crew Quiz Surprise Japan yang shooting di Jepang semuanya orang Jepang. Jadi scriptnya segala macem semua ditulis pake bahasa Jepang. Nah, terus kadang tuh ada dialog yang kalo di Bahasa Indonesiain jadi ga pas sasaran gitu, biasanya kalo gitu aku improve sendiri. Kalo disuruh kasi reaksi atau komen juga biasanya aku improve sendiri, mereka cuma ngarahin pokoknya yang “klik” sama seleranya audience di Indonesia aja 🙂

  3. Phil Phil

    You don’t really suit being a meiko eh xD
    Hope shakaijin life is going well Angel! Keep being positive and enjoy yourself!

    Stay genki! 🙂

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