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Seoul, Sneak Peek

Hey Guys!

I hope you enjoyed my last post at Sokcho and Gapyeong. This time, I’ll bring you to Seoul! It’s just a sneak peek actually. I’ll post more about places in Seoul later.

When I went to Korea, I did not explore Seoul that much. I stayed at Myeongdong and I only explored things around Myeongdong and Dongdaemun. I did not visit all the hip places like Itaewon, Gangnam, or Apgujeong.

Probably.. next time.

First Stop: Gyeongbokgung Palace.

It’s probably the most well known palace in Seoul. Every tourist went there. It’s really interesting too see such a big palace in the middle of the city. Just get off at Gyeongbokgung subway station and it’s just 10 mins walk from the station.

(The subway stations in Korea are really deep and some of them do not even equipped with escalator or elevator.)

Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace

They have some kind of guard performance(?), I don’t know something related with changing the guard’s shift everyday at 10AM. I got to see one when I visited.

These are the guard

And these are how they change the guards:

The admission fee for Gyeongbokgung palace is 3000 won for adults and 1500 won for kids.

In front of the Gyeongbokgung Palace is the King Sejong Square. He’s the inventor of hangeul, the Korean Alphabet.

King Sejong Square in Gwanghamun

Second Stop: Bukcheon Hanok Village

Bukcheon Hanok Village is 20-minutes from Gyengbokgung Palace, on foot. On the way there you can find some restaurants and cafes.

My lunchie! Naengmyeon, because it was so hot

Bukcheon Hanok Village is a villages full of traditional houses date back from Joseon Dynasty. It’s a real home and real people live there. If you visit there, please¬†keep your voice low.

Bukchon Hanok Village

The nearest station is Anguk. The walking tour to the entire village will take you around 3,5 hours.

It does not cost you admission fee, but I’m not sure about the walking tour. There’s a hanbok rental nearby so you can take a photos with the traditional background

No, I did not rent a hanbok here.

From there, I went back to our hotel at Myeongdong to catch our plane to Jeju. That turned out to be the first disaster in our trip. Our plane to Jeju is cancelled!

What’s gonna happen? Find out at the next post!

Our hotel in Myeongdong is called K Guesthouse 2. It’s next to the store with Kwangsoo oppa board.

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