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Taipei 101 and Shilin Market

Hey guys! Thank you for always joining me on my post. I promise this is my last part of my travel in Taiwan. I’ll bring you guys to Taipei 101 and Shilin Food Market.

Part 1: Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is the highest building in Taiwan (and top 5 in the world). It’s one of Taiwan’s famous landmark and it also offers a beautiful view of Taipei. To get here, take Metro Line 2 to Taipei 101 station.

There’s an indoor observatory on level 89th and outdoor observatory at level 91st. There’s a shopping mall at level 5th and it’s also the ticket gate. The price to to observatory is 600$NTD.

The outdoor observatory on level 91st might be closed if the weather in unfavourable. My Taiwanese friend tell me that every New Year Eve, they have spectacular fireworks show here.

It was cloudy when I came, so the outdoor part of 91st level was closed and I can’t see the Taiwan strait too. 🙁 Maybe next time. There’s an indoor part 91st level where they played the video about Taipei 101 construction.

It only takes 37 seconds to get to 89th floor and you can get 360 degree panoramic view of Taipei.

There’s also a museum in 89th floor.

On level 88th, there’s the iconic gold wind damper that weights almost 660ton. This ball hold the wind and made the tower stands straight. It’s not super super pretty so I skip the photo of level 88th.

Part 2: Shilin Market

If you’re talking about food in Taiwan, then you can’t skip Shilin Night Market. It’s one of the famous night market, if you’re talking about food. The nearest MRT station will be the Jiantan Station on Taipei Metro Line 2.

(It was around 6 PM, but it was still bright)

Here, you can go walk around the food stall or just come to the food court and there’re lot of Hawkers selling food inside.

I’ll show you what you have to get in there:

(XXL Fried Chicken that’s even larger than your face)

(Bubble Tea and Fruits Juices)

(And all the seafood, like… everything)

Part 3: Xi Men Ding

My first impression of Xi Men Ding is.. the Harajuku or Shibuya of Taiwan. It’s full of restaurants and shops. One of the iconic/historic place is the old red-brick theater.

I did not really explore much Xi Men Ding because I was a bit sick and I needed to catch my plane back to Japan. So I went there only for sight-seeing and had a bit of lunch.

(Oh the bubble tea in the bulb-light container is pretty famous in Taiwan right now. You can find it everywhere, even at the street of Xi Men Ding)

My boyfriend said that when he was child, he went to Taiwan often (he’s half Taiwanese) and he would have a duck lunch in Xi Men Ding. So, we went there hoping the restaurant was still in business.

And.. yes, it was still in business. He said the restaurant is famous for the noodle duck. We had a noodle duck with half portion of the duck.

I don’t remember the name of the restaurant. The price for 2 duck noodle and half portion of duck is like 1000$NTD and the taste was really good!

Before the post goes too long and I make you droll because of all the food-photos, I’d like to end my post about Taiwan here.

It’s definitely a good place with good people and good food (I probably gained weight during my 3 days stay in Taiwan) and it’s definitely cheaper than in Japan. Just be careful that it might rain a lot in the summer.

If you want to go for the food, I recommend to go to Taipei. But if you want to see the scenery, I think the central or southern part of Taiwan offers more variety in scenery.

(and this is my last meal in Taiwan)

See you again in the next post and as usual, your comments are always loved! <3

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