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Sanrio Expo 2017

Hello! I hope you have a good week. Any Sanrio fans here? I went to Sanrio Expo last February with CoFesta Ambassadors. I’m not sure if this Sanrio Expo is an annual event or not, but this event was opened to public, not only CoFesta Ambassadors. We were invited because the organiser want to understand if this kind of event will be popular outside Japan.

About the event

This event was held in Osaki New City building. It’s in the middle of Tokyo and the access is really easy. The building is only 5 minutes walk from the station and.. Oh, did I mention that this event is free of charge? They gave us a quiz card when we entered the venue. The quiz is related with Sanrio Character and we could find the hint of the quiz inside the exhibition booth.

For example, one of the quiz is about Sanrio Danshi and what’s their favourite character, how many Gudetama you can find in the Gudetama booth.

Each character normally has their exhibition area.


I think the more popular the character is, the bigger the exhibition area. It was also Cinnamon Roll 15th years anniversary so they displayed a lot of Cinnamon Roll goods and dolls. If your favourite character is not the mainstream one, don’t worry, you can still find it.

I found Kirimi display.

By the way, Cinnamon Roll and Gudetama are my fave characters. What I like about this festival is that the exhibition area were so pretty and you can take photo inside the area.

They also displayed all Sanrio Characters. Hello Kitty might be the most popular one, but you can also learn and know about the other characters.

They also have this game where you can grab snack as much as you can with 1 hand (2 hands, if you’re a kid). It’s similar with UFO Catcher game, except, this is using your hand. Too bad the snack ran out so quickly that we did not have chance to try it. However, the staffs were so kind that they gave us drink and one package of snack if we came to the game booth .


What I don’t like about the event is.. they displayed a lot of Sanrio goods. Some of the goods were released long time ago, so probably they did not produce it anymore. You can see their variety of goods in the exhibition hall.

They literally had everything from fashion genre, dolls, stationary, even make-up and beauty products.

They also showed the collaborations products like the collaboration dolls with Osomatsu-san and the wedding dress with Yumi Katsura.

Everything were displayed nicely with price-tag. I really like it, however, they don’t have information if we can buy the products. In fact, no-one sells Sanrio good in the event. I really wanted to get one of the dolls but I did not know where I could get them. It’s a cons for me.

Meet and Greet

Lastly, every hours (or so) you can meet and take photo with your favourite character. I think they changed the character every hour.

It’s too bad that they did not let us know the schedule for meet and greet. I think if we know the schedule, people don’t have to wait the whole day just to wait their favourite character to show up.

I took one with Kitty-chan.

And that’s my report for Sanrio Expo. Honestly, if I have to answer the question will this event be successful in my country.. probably yes or no.

I mean some people might like to take photos or parents might bring their children to this Expo. But other than decorative area and meeting Sanrio Character, I think it would be good to add more events or games. I don’t know, that’s just my honest opinion.

Anyway, that’s my report for Cofesta Sanrio Expo and see you in the next post!

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