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Viewing Wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park

Hello!!! I’m back with another post. It was so cold recently here in Tokyo and last week there was a big snow despite Tokyo had not been snowing heavily for past 4 years. It was nice to work from home and not dealing with the packed and delayed train #blessed. I think spring will come before we even notice it and I want to write about this flower you can only see in the spring. I went for Wisteria viewing at Ashikaga Flower Park. I’ve been there before, but could not see the wisteria because it was a bit too late. Last year, I carefully planned it and managed to see the purple flower, yay!!! Another travel bucket checked!

Ashikaga Flower Park

I went there with my parents. We went there via Ashikaga station and we took the shuttle bus from the station to the park. It was quite a long journey because we came from Yokohama. The entire trip was probably around 2-2.5 hours. The shuttle bus was not free, but I can’t remember how much it is. For more info about the access, you can visit their site here.

It was a few days before the golden week, so it was a bit crowded but not so bad compared to the golden week. My suggestion is please just avoid to visit during weekend or golden week. When I was there, there were a lot of tourist busses.

I came at the right time because the flowers were in Purple color. The color normally will change from pink -> purple -> white -> and yellow. If you’re visiting on the end of May, normally the flower will turn to yellow or even gone already. Early May for the purple color.

The park’s admission fee is also different per season. If you come during the Wisteria flower, it costs around 900-1800¥ per person. During the Wisteria season, this park also has an illumination event in the evening (after 6PM) and it costs around 600-1500¥ per person.

The park

The park is quite big. When you get in to the park, the staff will hand you a map and you can find what to see in the park, such as the Wisteria Tunnel and the big wisteria trees. I think they have 2 super big Wisteria trees.

They are super big and you can find a lot of support around the tree to support it. A bit hard to take a shoot without all the people.

And the pond and wisteria dome.


Basically, the entire park turns into purple park.

And you can find several spots to have lunch or snack. It’s usually crowded during the lunch hour. When I went there it was raining and we did not bring umbrella. However, in this park, you can just grab the park’s umbrella around the restaurant, entrance gate, or the souvenir spot and return it later to the designated spot. Sometimes, the staff patrolled and handed in the umbrellas as well.


The thing about this park is.. not only wisteria, but they also have other varieties of flowers.

Of course the flowers will change depends on the season, but I think the famous one is Wisteria. They even claimed that the park is one of the top 10 CNN dream destination. However, the other flowers are also pretty.

If you come at late May, you can also find some roses in the park. For me, I love the purple and pink Wisteria the most!

Oh!! I did mention about the night illumination right? It normally starts at 6PM and they’ll light up the wisteria tree. However, the bus between Ashikaga station and the park does not operate until late. So if you want to see the illumination, you might need to walk back to Tomita-station instead or take a cab or best scenario, drive your car. And remember, the whole journey back to Tokyo is also around 2hrs is. So plan your schedule carefully before you decide to see the night event.


Totally recommended. If you come at the wisteria season, this park might be the closest one to Tokyo (the other famous one in Kita-Kyushu). The park and flowers are too pretty and definitely can make it to your instagram feed 😀

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