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MEXT and how I land in this country

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Hello, all. This is my first post. I haven’t written blog since long time ago.
Actually I had one in ameblo. I wrote in Japanese.
But that one has already forgotten *duh*

Recently, I got a lot of SNS messages from friends and my juniors, asking how come I could get a scholarship to Japan. I decided to write about it then

I always fond of Japan since I was a lil girl. I am so obsessed with this country lol
I graduate from my previous uni in 2012. By September 2012, I was working in a company whilst looking for an opportunity to pursue a Master degree.

Back then, I was interested in Cinema and Motion Picture, and I found this uni

*I actually applied for Dongguk uni in Korea as well, but things happened*

I applied it. I went through their selection. First was document selection. This screening is basically to know about yourself, your previous education (grade and GPA), your goal. I advised you to send a mail to the professor you’re interested in to get a broaden vision about your goal. I sent an email to a professor before, and he helped me about how to explain my ideas and goals.

Then one day I got this email:

The 2nd Screening was interview. For those who live abroad, don’t worry, they can do it through skype. In my current uni, they have 2 school semester : Spring (lessons are in Japanese) and Fall (lessons are in English). The language for the interview depends on which semester you choose. Since I applied for Fall Semester 2013, my interview was conducted in English

If you passed the 2nd screening, you almost accepted! The next step was completing admission documents.

I did not have any scholarship when I passed the 1st screening. On the 2nd screening, one of the interviewee asked me
“Do you want to get a scholarship?”

I will write about the scholarship on next post. I am not sure about the admission system now, since my graduate school change their curriculum.

Feel free to ask me question or leave a comments 😀


  1. Hi, i intend to apply to Keio too, for System and Design Management. I'm seeking for enrollment in September 2015. I've already got an acceptance letter from my prospective professor to supervise me. Can i ask for you email address? i have so much question to prepare my admission application next month. thank you so much ^,^

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