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MEXT part 2

On first post here I was asked if  I want a scholarship.
I immediately gave a ‘yes’

He asked me again “What if you do not get it?”

Trust me, that was the hardest question for me in the whole interview.

After I passed the interview, I did not get any news from the uni about the scholarship. I lived my life as usual. That time I worked at the biggest online forum in Indonesia *If you know what I mean*

I quite enjoy my life until January 2013 the uni informed me that they will recommend me as Monbukagakusho (monbusho in short) U2U scholar.


So, what is Monbusho?

It is actually a scholarship given by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science, and Technology (MEXT) in Japan.

There are 2 types of it G2G (government to government) and U2U (uni to uni). In G2G you have to apply it yourself to the Japan embassy and you have to go through all selections in the embassy.

For more info about monbusho, please visit here

What should you prepare?

In U2U, you have to be nominated by your uni in Japan. I don’t really know about G2G since mine is U2U. In my case, I should prepare:
1. Letter of recommendation from previous uni’s Dean
2. Letter of recommendation from future advisory professor (that’s why you have to contact a professor as soon as possible, even when you decide to enter that uni)
3. Research proposal
4. Others (I don’t really remember, transcript and stuffs)

How long is the process?

And the process of applying U2U is also long.
1. I got an offered in January, after I sent the document, the office of admission will forward the documents to the rector to be screened.
2. I got announcement of 1st screening on March, then there was another screening
3. I got the final announcement on July.

It was a really long process. Don’t be discourage if you are unlucky. Just keep trying. Remember I wrote about applying to dongguk uni in the first post.

The reason I did not enter that uni was because I did not get the KGSP (Korean Goverment Scholarship).

I also applied tons of scholar (yup, I also failed the Mitsui Busan Scholarship), just keep trying, you never know how close you are with your goal.

That’s all my sharing. Feel free to ask me if you have any question or simply give me comments 😀


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    I really like your article and i want to know more about mext scholarship ! I'm from indonesia and i want to ask you something , so youre nominated from the uni in japan while youre studying in indonesia's uni ?

    • Angel Stefani Angel Stefani

      No, I graduated in Indonesia uni, then I applied the scholarship for master degree.

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