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The Japan Content Showcase

Hey guys! Long time no see.
Really sorry for my late update.

I just handed in my thesis theme last week, and stuffs happened.
So I don’t really have time to write

I wanna write about the Japan Content Showcase that I attended in October.
Thanks to Cofessta, I got the opportunity to work with the organizer. Yay! I’m a lucky girl.

So, what is Japan content showcase?

“Japan Content Showcase 2014”, a multi-content market featuring music, films and animation, will be held at the hotel “GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA” as a joint market of the following:

  • TIMM – Tokyo International Music Market
  • TIFFCOM – Affiliated market of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)
  • (The only film festival in Japan approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations)
  • TIAF – Tokyo International Anime Festival


 Grand Pacific Le Daiba – Daiba Station, Yurikamome Line


Oct 21 – 23

Meet Mario, my partner in crime for that day LOL
Basically my job is to take picture, attend the seminar, write report, and post picture on behalf on Japan Content Showcase.

A lot of TV stations opened a booth and allowed producers from many countries to sit and discuss with them.


They also brought Gundam~! cool.
So, if there any producers who want to adopt the Japanese contents into their countries, this is the perfect chance

Who want to watch TBS in your own country??
(Gommenne Seishun is great Dorama btw, who else watch it?)
Or if you want to officially broadcast a Japanese TV shows or movies in your countries, maybe you could discuss it here too.


LOL This zombie movie is hilarious.
Who want to watch it??
Or probably these movie
(Spotted! Yamada Yuki <3)
Each content providers tried their best to make their booths attractive.
Like these mascot from KHB Higashi Nippon Broadcasting (If I’m not mistaken)


Joe, Guriri, Woo, and Angel! LOL


Or this huge doraemon
( I was tempted to bring it back home)


I thought it was the real actor, but turned out to be a wax figure.
This is a replica set of Fuji TV Drama ‘Hero’
(Yes, the one with KimuTaku)
And not only Japanese content providers came, but also some content providers from other countries came and promote their content. I think the CEO from Crunchyroll was there, but I did not manage to take a photo with him.
I spotted Choo Sarang, Lee Haru, and SHINee’s Taemin
Yes, this is KBS World TV from South Korea.


Beautiful Goo Hye Sun in SBS Angel Eyes Drama.
This is SBS Booth from South Korean.


Me with Mr. Hendra from Indonesia Film Association
and Mr Ifa Isfansah (The director of Indonesian Movie ‘Pendekar Tongkat Emas’)
Mr. Hendra also explained me, that one of Indonesian movie (The Raid 2 : Berandal) will be showed in The 24th Tokyo International Film Festival the next day). See, Indonesian movie is not always about cheap horror movie.
Not only film and movie Industries. You can also find music industries
YanaKiku! How many of you know about this actress?
Hihihi, am I good enough to be their third member?


Mayuko – The singer, songwritter.
She gave me her newest album <3


Kyary!! I wish she had come.
I attend 3 awesome seminars:
  • The Audience Strikes Back: How to engage television audiences through mobile and social media
  • How to find a partner – Essential tips on collaborating with the Japanese TV Industry-
  • JETRO Business Seminar in TIFFCOM2014
Lot of famous and important people came to the seminars and the event itself.

Little stalker mode on: I secretly took a picture of Mashi Oka.
If you watched Heroes (the American Series), you would know him.
If you’re interested in the content of my report, please find it on Japan Content Facebook PageWell then, thank you for reading. Comments are always <3
See you on another event!


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