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Fall is Spring without Sakura

Hello! I’m back~
This time I won’t write about event or cofessta (aww, sorry!)

I went to Showa Memorial Park last week.
My friend told me that it was the best time to see the fall leaves, because the leaves has turned yellow already.

Photo taken by Rei
I went there with my friend Rei! He’s such an awesome photographer.
Thank you for teaching me!
All the non-watermarked pictures are taken by Rei. The rest is by me.


Showa Memorial Park is located in Tachikawa, Kanagawa prefecture. It can be reached within 10 min walk from Tachikawa station or 1 min walk from Nishi-Tachikawa Station
Entrance fee is 410¥ for adults (15 and above), 210¥ for seniors (65 and above), and 80¥ (for children)


(Mommy, look at this yellow soil!)
We arrived around 10 in the morning. Because it was weekend, there was a lot of people inside.
The park itself is very big. It’s divided into several part.
Don’t worry, if you think you could not walk, they provide a tram which could take you from 1 section to another section.
Another fee is needed to broad this tram.
The highlight of the park: The canal and Ginko Trees Line
The place that I really want to go to is the ginko tree line! Isn’t amazing. You could not see the ground because it was covered by yellow leaves.
The canal is very clear that you could see the reflection


If you don’t want to use the tram, you could rent a bicycle. They have a bicycle road which is separated from the pedestrian walk. A lot of bicycle parking areas are also available. So convenient.
Another part I went to is the Japanese Garden.
This is the part of the park with a huge lake in the middle of it.
The lake is so clear as well!
Everyone is very discipline. Eventhough people are allowed to bring food from outside, there’s no garbage.
If you want to see the red leaves and momiji, this is the right place!


Like this!
Or This!
The reddest leaves ever!
In the Japanese Garden, there is a traditional Japanese house, and a lot of Bonsais and other ornamental plants.



Mostly people come here with their family.

The park has a BBQ place, Kids Playground, and some restaurants. So, if you don’t bring your own food, you can still buy a meal inside (it’s a bit expensive tho)
By the way. It was also my first time having a photoshoot in Japan.
It was pretty cold, but I had fun.
Please check the photos bellow. They are taken by Rei!





Ok then, see you in the next post!
Comments are always welcomed :DD


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