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Roppongi Illumination and Christmas Market

My first time taking photo in the night

Location: Roppongi Midtown Plaza.

Catch the whole video here!


It started from November and lasted until Christmas (25 Dec)


I snapped this picture by accident, but I love it.


I went here last year, and it’s always the same.
But still, it was so crowded. I spent almost 1 hour just to queue ๐Ÿ™
Closer to Christmas date, usually more people (mostly couples) will come here.
If you want to avoid the crowd, I suggest you to come here at early december.


It’s considered as one of the best Illumination in Tokyo


I upload the whole video.
Please watch it XD
Let’s move to Roppongi Hills.
There is a Christmast “Pop-up” Market starting from December until Christmas.


They’re normally sells Germany foods, such as sausages.


It’s quite crowded because I went there on 23rd
(23rd is the Emperor Birthday and it’s a public holiday)


Ordered a Thuringer Sausage and a gluhwein (hot wine)

Moving to the street of Roppongi Hills, you could find another illumination

it changes from red to white and vice versa every 50 mins


See there were a lot of couplesย there were those heart shapes in the tree?
If the lights were red, the heart shapes will show.
Me and my friend, Ron actually wanted to wait for the red one, but it was too cold.
So, we headed to Asahi’s TV building to warm ourselves (and of course, sightseeing)


Gochan is the mascot of Asahi TV.
This place is called Gochan plaza


The plaza is opened for public.


Selfie time.
(In case you never know my face)
You’ll be my best friend forever!


This love pond is located outside Gochan square.
All right, last picture! Love, from Tokyo Tower!
How about your country? Is there any similar tradition to put lights and illuminations decorations during winter or Christmas?



  1. Mbak Angel, saya suka banget acara NHK yang at Home with venetia in kyoto, Satoyama, sama Go Kitchen Go nih. Bisa request postingan yang isinya country atau suburban jeang yang kayak gitu gak? tengs ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice! I can't even take photos like yours with so many neon lights! >< My photos always end up blurry and out of focus lmao. Totally loving yours! xx


    • Aww thank you very much. Me too, I'm still a beginner. I took a lot, but most of them all blurry ๐Ÿ™ LOL

  3. oh my god… that's so cute, beautiful and magical looking!! Thanks for the share the pictures are nice and It'd be so cool if i go there someday. I'm also very glad that you had a great day heheeh

    A C Y H O Z – blog


  4. Mia Mia

    Some friend's of mine from Utah went there for the holidays, and they absolutely adored it. The photos of the lights are stunning! So glad I found your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sorry for the late reply. Totally agree. I went there last year (2013) and I went there for the second times in 2014. Can't get over it :DD

  5. Roppongi hills looks uh-mazing as always. I wasn't able to witness the illumination they did though. Hopefully this year I will.

    Follow my adventures!

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