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Travelog: Nagano, Jigokudani Monkey Park

I’m back after a painstakingly busy week.
Sorry, I had to update my thesis this week and have to catch up with some work after the new year holiday!
I’m still keeping my promise to update at least once in a week.

Last 年末年始, I went to Nagano and Gunma prefecture.

Nagano, could be reached within 100 mins using shinkansen. But I went there from Karuizawa, so I used normal train (about 1 hour).
Wait! It’s not over yet! Jigokudani monkey park is located in Yamanouchi city, which is 1 hour train ride from Nagano.
So, get off at Nagano station, and change into dentetsu railway to Yudanaka Station.
What a long trip. Ended up taking tons of selfie LOL.
The snow was so thick when we arrived.
And the worst part was… that day it was heavily snowing!
I stay in a 旅館 (Ryokan, traditional Japanese inn), named 旅館はくら(Ryokan Hakura).
The owner can’t speak English. But she was very kind and nice.
She drove me to the Jigokudani Monkey Park (normally you have to take bus from Yudanaka Station)


There is a famous cafe called Enza 猿座 next to this souvenir shop. It was very good.
You should try the ramen and apple soft cream.


Alright, let me translate the words. This one is the entrance
You still have to walk around 1.6 km (30 mins) to reach the place.
The weather might not be friendly. Make sure you wear a warm coat and sturdy boots.
If you don’t have them with you, the gift shop rent you boots and coat for 500¥ only
I warn you, the road to the place is slippery and wet.
As you can see, the road is so small. Only fits for 2 people
And next to them is nothing. Just woods.
See, the snow was so thick.


There is a small stream in the woods.
If you could see these houses and that car I posted above, it means you’re close!
Finally I spot a monkey.
The monkeys who live here is a Japanese Macaque Species.
This species could be known by its red face and bottom.
What you have to pay attention to (because the warning is only written in Japanese)
1. Do not give them food
2. Do not touch them
3. Avoid eye contact


Suddenly the snow was getting worse.
Hooman, what are you looking at?! LOL
After this I went to the shelter near the hot spring because the snow was getting worse,
and I didn’t want my camera got wet.
Could you find something funny with the picture.
at this rate I was panic because my lens was quite wet and damp


When the condition got better I went to the hot spring again


Common question: Could human go inside the hot spring?
NO! definitely a NO! Let me explain you why


Do you see the golden balls there? Now you know why.
After a while, I went back to the entrance because it was almost 4 and I wanted to go to 温泉 (Onsen, hot spring – for human of course). In the way back there, you know… the snow at the tree fell upon me and I was freaking out. It was so scary I could not see anything.
After the hike. My hair was half frozen. But I survived. LOL


Then we went to Shibu Onsen, nearby the monkey park
The river was half frozen
There are 9 hot springs in this area. Admission fee is 500¥ per hot spring


The place itself looks like a traditional town in Japan.
It only open for public from 9AM-4PM.
After that, it only opens for the guess who stay in the hot spring.


The road is very slippery because the hot water constantly running from the hot spring
When I arrived there, it was around 5 PM and we could not try the hot spring.
So we headed back to our ryokan, because there’s also a small onsen there.
It was a fun journey! And that Japanese Monkey is very famous in Indonesia because of this meme
It might be a long and winded journey, but it was worth the journey. So if you visit Nagano, I recommend this place.
Lastly the video  “the road to Jigokudani” in Hyperlapse.
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    • Sure! I'll go check your blog! Thank you for visiting XDD

  2. such a nice article you've shared >.< Your photo's are so sharp and beautiful, and snow monekys are one of my fav animals hehe~ especially the last pics.. damn soo cute !

    A C Y H O Z – blog


    • You're so sweet, Ash! I'm still learning to take picture XDDD I know right the monkey is just too cute


  3. Absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit this place! Thanks so much for sharing this in the International Bloggers Association group on Facebook. So nice to have you with us 🙂

    • Thank you Megan! I'm so glad to be part of the community XD
      I'll check yours 🙂
      Have a good day, xo

    • Sure, I will check your in a minute! 🙂
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  4. Those are beautiful photos! Looking so cold but beautiful especially the monkeys. Love their faces 😀 Visiting you from IBA Blogger group.

    • Thank you Maureen for visiting 🙂
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  7. Hi Angel,

    The place looks so magical with all the snow! The monkey are a bit scary though and there are so many of them. Btw, why should we not stare at them?

    Jo of

    • I'm not sure too, but it's written on the board at the park that if you stare, the monkeys might feel intimidated and might attack you 🙁 But they're so cute!

    • Thank you for visiting! Let's keep in touch.
      Have a good day, xo!

  8. Beautiful snowy photos! The monkeys are so adorable 😀
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    • Hey Lisa!
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  9. Hey Angel! you're pretty!! and….OMG hihihi Japan is so beautiful!
    I would like to visit it someday :3 You are so lucky to live there! 🙂 xx

    From Bali, Indonesia – with love, Imme ❤

    • Aww, thank you Imme! Bali is also beautiful XDD
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  11. Wow, you had to do your thesis and you're back already – So proud of you!! Love the pictures!!

    • Hello Jamie!
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  12. oh, you have a travel blog too 😀 that's awesome, i love reading about travelling ^-^
    i'll be studying in taiwan starting next month, so my blog will become quite the travel blog as well 😀
    your photos are super pretty btw ^-^

    have a nice day~

  13. Good blog for Jigokudani! I'll be trying this with the help of your blog.

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