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One day trip to Kusatsu Onsen

Remember last time I blogged about my trip to Karuizawa, didn’t I?

On my 2nd day in Karuizawa, I went to Kusatsu Onsen.
Kusatsu Onsen could be reached from Karuizawa by bus in 100 minutes.
It costs around 2200¥ ish. (I don’t remember the exact price)

Our first destination was…..

Of course the onsen! Kusatsu is famous for the onsen.
One of the famous onsen is Sainokawara onsen, it also has the rotemburo (outdoor hotspring). Unfortunately, when we went there, the onsen was still in reconstruction (it will be finished on March 2015), so we chose another onsen.


Ootaki no Yu onsen!
It’s also big and a nice place to relax.
Cost around 700-1000¥
There is a restaurant inside the onsen.
This onsen also have an outdoor onsen, but not that big
After went inside the onsen and had a fulfilling meal, me and my friends, we strolled around the kusatsu area.
We arrived at yubatake 湯畑. This is the icon and the main source of the hot water in Kusatsu.
The temperature is very high, it could reach 70C,
therefore the boxes-like item above is used to cool it down.


A very strong sulphur could be smell.
Speaking of the city itself, I think Kusatsu gave a traditional, old-town vibes


There are a lot of shops around Yubatake


See? It’s remind me of the town in Samurai Movie lol
Speaking about the city, we can’t simply forget about the food! There are a lot of delicious snack food in Kusatsu, and most of the vendors provide tester!


Onsen Tamago! They boiled the eggs in the hot water from the onsen.
Grilled shrimp and squid


お菓子, sweet black bean and dried food
And this is my favourite, Onsen Manju! 🙂
It is sweet and warm.
We continued walking to the Sainokawara Park. The Sainokawara onsen located in this area.
Those small ponds contain hot water.


In order to reach the onsen, you just have to keep walking up the hill


Way to go!
A small shrine on the way to the onsen
Other attractions:
– Sky Resort
– Yumomi Performance (Performance to cool down the water)
So, is it recommended?
+ The onsen is super good! and it is claimed that the hot water is good for your health.
+ The street food
– Well, aside from the hot spring, I think that the scenery is not that super beautiful, or something you must see
– The transport is a bit inflexible (unless you drive your own car). The last Kusakaru Bus from Kusatsu to Karuizawa departs at 5 PM. And the bus itself is not that frequent.
So, if you go to Japan, will you go there? 🙂
Small Survey.
If I ever did a giveaway, what item would you like to get? 😀




    • Yes! It's such a great place to relax 😀
      Have a good day

  1. All your pictures look so lovely. The scenery there is so beautiful. I'm also jealous that there's snow because it's so hot where I live.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

    • It's getting colder here, and I miss my hometown.. *a little* hehehe
      Thank you for visiting, and let's keep in touch.

    • Hello Tata! Thank you for visiting!
      Yeah, I remember her, I recommend her in an award. She's such a cutie pie.
      I bet you're too! 🙂
      Nice to meet you, I hope we could stay in touch,
      I'll visit your blog too after this 😀
      Have a nice day

  2. miss this beautiful place so much. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hello Maria,
      thank you for visiting!
      Have a good day.

  3. nice post, Angel! By the photos I can see clearly that it's such a breathtaking place *___*
    ….. with delicious food! hahaha.
    have a great day Angel! ;D
    From Bali, Indonesia – with love, Imme ❤

    • Thank you Imme 🙂
      Hahhaa I fell in love with the food already 😀
      Have a good day Imme!

  4. My list of places to visit in Japan grows every day. Such a beautiful place and incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Thank you Debbie. Is this Debbie from #IBA?
      If you have time, please visit here 😀
      Have a good day

  5. Looks awesome!! I miss Japan after the trip i did in September…I just started the blog but in the future i will talk about your awesome country!
    As i'm still traveling, (at the moment i'm in Laos) i think everything will take more tame to set up better everything!!
    You have really nice blog i will follow to be little bit closer to Japan.

    Bye Alessio

  6. Hello Alessio
    Laos is pretty close with my hometown, Indonesia ^^
    Nice to know another travel blogger.
    Have a good day

  7. everything looks so amazing! you are also very pretty. i am going to japan for the first time in august, can't wait! ><;

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