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Shirakawago Light-Up!

Last month me and my friends visited Takayama and Shirakawago.
Shirakawago is a village located in Gifu prefecture. It is claimed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

It is famous for it’s traditional farmhouse, as known as Gasshou-Zukkuri.
You could stay at the farmhouse, but you need to book it beforehand.
Me and my friends actually want to stay at the farmhouse but it was fully-booked, so we stay in Takayama instead.

A light-up events are organised on selected weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in January and February.
The temperature can reached below 0C on winter. It’s freezing and the wind is quite strong. Warm clothes, sturdy boots, and face protector are recommended if you want to visit Shirakawago during winter.

We arrived around 5PM, it was snowing heavily
You could go to Shikarawago by bus from Takayama. It takes around 50 minutes and costs about 2500¥ ish.
But the latest bus from Shirakawago is at 5PM. You could check the schedule here.
If you plan to watch the light-up, I will suggest you to rent a car or taxi (which my friends did), or just stay overnight in the farmhouse.
From the parking area, you have to take a free shuttle bus to the village. You could walk, but it might be slippery. Please plan to arrive earlier because the line to the shuttle bus is quite long.


Took this photo accidentally, but I like it.


It’s quite crowded during the light-up event. It might be hard for you to take picture,
especially if you plan to use your tripod.


Side view of the farm house


Front view.
And if you’re hungry, don’t worry. There are several street vendors, restaurants, and souvenir shops inside.
You have to queue tho. 🙂
We tried the Beef Croquet and Amazake to warm ourselves


It was also crowded in the souvenir shop
Frozen Flower


farmhouses’ steep thatched roofs resemble the hands of monks in prayer.


You might wondering why the shape is so unique.
I was told that during the peak of the winter, the snow might pile up, up to 2 metres.
That kind roof shape is strong to hold that amount of snow.
There is a funny story behind this photo.
This photo was taken from upside angle, right?
To take this photo, I had to climb a steep pile of snow.
It was so slippery that made it so hard to climb it
I was OK when I reached the peak, but going down… is so scary.
So I just sat and slide down the peak.
And when I reached the bottom, my friend said to me
“The lady next to you just saw you like you’re about to kill yourself”
The snow did not stopped


Replica of the farmhouse, made from snow.


It was worth the cold, frostbites, and pain. LOL
Definitely want to go here again
It makes me wonder how could people live here,
the weather is harsh


I overheard some Japanese people talk, they said it’s the best to visit Shirakawago on Spring. There are lake and river around there, and the water is the best at spring.
It won’t be as cold as in winter too. Moreover, the flowers are awesome.
My opinion
+ The view is stunning. It’s something you could not find in another place.
+ The food are good too
– The weather, but I think it depends on what season you plan to come.
That’s all, folks!
As usual, comments are always loved <3!



  1. So jealous that you're able to see such amazing scenery 😡

    • Thank you Nicole
      I'm sure your place is amazing as well ^^
      Have a good day

    • I know right LOL
      Thank you, tapi masih ga belum ada apa apanya lah dibandingkan sama ko Albert Lau LOL
      Have a good day!

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