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One bright night at Nagashima

Hey! I’m back~
Sorry for not writing for a long time. I haven’t read all your comments (and I rarely blog walking recently).
I was too busy with school and work. I went back to my country for a while and I got sick.
Well, yeah.. stuff happened.
Alright, back to the point.
Today I’m going to write about Nabana no Sato – a theme park located in Nagashima, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture.

I went there last February, during the illuminations (the light-up, not the other illumination!) season.

The area map
You could go there by express bus from Nagoya (from Meitetsu Bus Center, next to the station). The fare is 830¥ (adults, one-way) and it only takes 30 minutes.
The first area.
During the illuminations season, the entrance fee is 2000¥ (including a 1000¥ coupon that you could spend for souvenirs or foods inside the park)
As you can see on the map above,
the park was separated into several parts. The first part you’ll expect to see is the
light ponds.
The have a recommended route, you just have to follow it.
There are several fancy restaurants in this area.


follow the route, and you’ll see an observation deck.
Additional fee (I don’t remember) is needed to board the attraction.
The line was too long, so I skipped this one.
then you’ll see a restaurant (or probably a hall)


the building is really close to a pond


and the lights were changing every several seconds.


I particularly like this area the most, because
the LEDs look like a road to the building
Then you’ll be directed to the first light tunnel.


This light tunnel was quite long,
and lot of people stopped to take photos.


zoomed out!
So pretty, they looked like leaves.
And by the end of the tunnel, you will be enchanted by….


bluish, ocean of LEDs, and…..


LEDs Niagara Waterfall!
(I’ve never been to the States, so… at least I could see the replica)
There was a light show in this area. It was a show, repeated every 15 minutes or so.
You could see it from close distance, or…. there is a deck nearby.


They even played a Superman BGM during the show.


I was wondering how much energy and cost spent for this theme park
It was so bright
From a far,
Does it resemble the real thing?
Then you will be directed to the 2nd light tunnel.
I think it was slightly shorter than the 1st one.


And the color is also different.
I think they want to make you feel like spring is coming.
Then you’ll be back to this place. I’m not sure if I explored the whole park already.
I was in a hurry (I need to go back to Tokyo that night)
This is the restaurants area I’m talking about.
You could spent the coupon here and you can also pay with cash.
It’s really clean, people are lining neatly, and plenty chairs.
And that is! The latest bus is departing on 8 PM or 9 PM, so don’t worry

Personal Thoughts.

I went there because I’ve been told by a lot of people that this place is one of the best illuminations in Japan.
I think it was beautiful and quite large, but I won’t say anything about it being the best.
From my observations, people go here with their SO or family ( I think I was the only one alone.. my friends went to Tokyo already T____T)
it’s quite far.. (you’ll need to go to Nagoya), I bet there are lot of beautiful places in Tokyo (if you don’t have any plan to Nagoya).
The good things it has an onsen and place to stay as well.
At the other season, this place is full of flowers, and I think it’s also beautiful.
So, if you happen to be around Nagoya or Mie Prefecture, I think you could go and visit this place.
That’s all! See you on my next post.
As usual, comments are always loved!




  1. Wow beautiful lights.
    I've seen light tunnel like that before but didn't know where it is. Now I know that it's in Nagashima, Japan.
    Beautiful blog as always. 🙂

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  2. Beautiful lights 🙂

    Follow my adventures!

    • Thank you!
      Have a good day.
      I'll blogwalk your blog later 😀

    • Yes, it's very romantic. I was so sad because I was there alone LOL
      Have a good day

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