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Sakura Night Viewing at Meguro

I have my mid-term presentation this Saturday.
I have been busy this past week, so I’m sorry for ditching my blog.
Anyway, the weather in Tokyo has been very cold since yesterday.
(It seems that Spring will never come)
And it will constantly rain until next week, so..
The Sakura season in Tokyo is almost over.
Don’t worry, there are a lot of Sakura in other cities.
Actually I have no plan to see the Sakura at Meguro
(I came there last year, not so many differences)
“But Angel, it’s going to rain the whole weekend, this is your last chance to see sakura”
And… I just went hahaha
Picture taken at afternoon (around sunset until night)
To reach here, you need to go to Naka-Meguro Station and
just walk along the Meguro River


These lampions were the wishes from a lot of companies.




Too many people already




This place is very suitable for the night sakura viewing because of the lights from the lampion






I wonder how does it feel to live right next to the river.


What I like about this place is unlike the other parks where we have to bring our food, there are a lot of food vendors alongside the Meguro river. Β We could but some snacks and enjoy the Sakura while walking or sitting.
Sakura Wine is quite popular.
(I don’t even know what Sakura wine is)
Do they actually put Sakura inside the wine?


Yakisoba – Okonomiyaki


Sausages, Chocolate Dango, Crab in a stick


Character Candy


Hot Drinks




My friends instantly became serious (because of the food)


These are pictures from last year. Exactly same place.
It’s not that different.
(except I was skinnier last year lol)





  1. Beautiful photos! Hopefully I'll experience it one day. πŸ™‚
    Good luck for the mid-term, Angel!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

    • Albert, come come!
      Let me know if you decide to visit πŸ˜€

    • γ γ‚ˆγ­οΌ

    • I think the end of May – beginning of April is the best time.
      It rains a lot in April that the Sakura wilt fast.
      Have a good day

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