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Singapore Day 1: Haji Lane and Meomi Cat Cafe

Hello!! How are you?
I hope you have a nice day.
I’m starting my internship next Monday.
I can’t wait.
By the way, last month I went to Singapore to attend a conference and join a competition.
I won’t talk about it right now.
I arrived a bit faster that the conference day.
I remember it was almost weekend, so the airplane tix was a bit pricey.
So I decided to fly earlier.
My cousin live in Singapore, so I also used that opportunity to meet and talk with her.
She brought me to this nice restaurant that sells egg-based food.
H a t c h e d
267 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278989
+65 6463 0012
Opening Hours: 9 AMΒ toΒ 11 PM
close on Monday
My lunch: Egg Benedict. It was really good and fulfilling.
A bit pricey I guess. Most of the menu are above 10SGD (excluding drinks).
FYI in Japan we always get water or tea in restaurants (for free)
And the next day I went to Haji Lane.
It is a street in Bugis and has a bit of vintage feels.
I really like it. Most of the shops and cafe are decorated in pastel colours.
Lot of murals and painting.


A lot of people always telling me that I look like a girl in the comic book.
I don’t even know if it’s a compliment or not.
But this mural really makes me look like I pop out from cartoon or something LOL



You can find a lot of stores with nice quotes.


The items sold are so vintage


I think Haji Lane has the perfect ambience that can cool down Singapore’s heat
From Haji Lane, I went to Meomi Cat Cafe.
It is also located in Bugis. Really close to Haji Lane.
Meomi Cat Cafe
668 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188801
+65 6296 0339
In the entrance you’ll be greeted by tons of cat stuffs and cute photos of the cats.
It costs around 16 SGD if I’m not mistaken.
A welcome drink is included with that price.
Let me say this before.
I really scared of cats, no matter how cute it is.
“Why did you go to cat cafe? Are you do-M or something?”
Good question!
I have this senior who also graduated from Keio and currently in Singapore.
So my senior really likes cat, and I also want to experience how does it feel to be inside a cat cafe.
So I asked her to accompany me


When you go in, you’ll find tons of cats (just kidding, only 6)


There is a munchkins, a scottish fold, etc, etc…
I don’t know, they look the same for me.


I know this one’s name is Mario. LOL


When I came most of the cats were sleeping or hiding.
Only Mario and one other cat were awake.
The owner then came in with cat food and woke up the others.




Oh ya, before I forgot.
There are a lot of toys inside that you could use to attract the cat..
However, I was fine in my small corner.


LOOK! How come this cat sleeps like that ya?




This one looks like a normal cat, right.. Wait, look when it sleeps.


Seriously?! His sleeping face


“Were you looking for meow~”


Alright, no matter how cute it is, or what people say,
even after I visited the cat cafe, I’m still scared of cat.
Next time, I’ll post some more around Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By the Bay.
The conference was located around there πŸ˜€
Have a good day people.
As usual, comments are always loved


  1. Great pictures, especially the decorated streets. Sending love from Bloggers Helping Bloggers.

  2. So cute the cats. Looks yummy the food and Singapure ist colourful.
    Greetings from Austria πŸ˜‰ Tanja

  3. BOLA BULU! >.< hahaha hillarious!
    Do the cat cafe smelly when you first entered? I always hesitate to get into a cafe like that, I always thought it will smell like a pet shop. 😐

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

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