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Singapore Part 2: Marina Bay Sands

Hey, beautiful people.
As promised I will write about my Singapore trip part 2.
(not exactly a trip tho).
I went to Marina Bay Sands for a conference.
Augmented Human 2015 Conference, probably some of you know about it
(do I sounds like a nerd already? πŸ™‚ )
I went quite early, so I had some time to take picture.
The conference took place from 9AM-5PM.
I can explore the area beside that time.
These pictures are taken in the morning
Singapore Central Business District


Marina Bay Sands


Β These pictures are taken in the afternoon
It was a bit cloudy, not raining fortunately.


My teammates! πŸ™‚
(We won something by the way)


Close up of MBS πŸ˜€


The inside of MBS.
It’s a little bit pricey to stay overnight in MBS. I think it costs around 400 SGD per night.
There is a casino in the hotel.


Gardens By the Bay
Those are the Super Tree. They called it Super Tree because it seems like the trees have a lot to do with the eco-friendliness.


MBS taken from Gardens by the Bay.


You see that thin bridge? Apparently we could go up there.



Me and my friends, we decided to go up the bridge.
By paying around 5 SGD, you could go up to the bridge and see the views from up there for 15 minutes.
(Don’t worry they don’t time you.. but sometimes it’s very crowded and you may get dizzy because of the height)


The view from the bridge.


This picture was taken around 6 PM
The super tree will be lit up when it’s dark (around 7 to 7:30 PM)


We wanted to wait until it was completely dark,
but unfortunately we had a dinner appointment at Orchard 8 PM sharp.






Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Garden by the Bays.


By the way, there is a performance in the Marina Bay Sands every 9PM tp 9:30 PM.
It’s a water performance using laser, fountain, and projection mapping.
I put the video in the end of my post.


Lastly, we were able to go up to the top of Marina Bay Sands..
This is the view from 97th floor.


The infamous infinity pool.
Unfortunately, the access to infinity pool is only given to the guests who stay on MBS hotel.
If you’re not staying in the hotel, you can still go to the bar located next to the pool.
Lastly, as I promised, the video of the performance!


The 3rd part of my post next time will be the S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa.
People claim it’s the biggest aquarium in Asia. I’m not sure tho, my friend said the one in Okinawa is the biggest. However, I’ve never been to Okinawa myself (probably this year, finger crosses)
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Have a good day




  1. Loved the Marina Bay Sands Hotel's observation deck. The views from up there are just spectacular. Took me totally off my feet…

  2. Really cool pictures! Pretty futuristic!

    Have a great day,

  3. Wow this is great ! Amazing pictures πŸ™‚
    I'm gonna go to Singapore myself in July, can't wait now

  4. Those are some amazing photos. The view from the top of the Marina Bay Sands is breathtaking.

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