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Sakura in the end of April? うそじゃん。

Holla! Sorry for not updating last week.
I had a romantic date with my thesis.
By the way! I got an internship, yay~
Anyway, I’m pending the last part of my Singapore adventure.
In case you guys bored of it :DD
I got this question often from my friend in Indonesia.
“I wanna go to Tokyo in April, will I still can see the sakura?”
NO! (well you probably can still see it in the northern region).
However, me and my friends got to see “sakura” in the end of April.
Am I joking?
Then you gotta see it by yourself.
*drumrolls* We went to Hitsujiyama Koen in Chichibu, Saitama.
It takes around 2 hours from Ikebukuro station (local train)
cost around 700ish¥ yen per trip.
The park is located about 10 minutes walk from Seibu Chichibu station.
You could find a rest area (restaurants and shops) next to the station.
We had lunchies before heading to the park.
*pls forgive my friend’s face, he’s just too excited*
The road to the park is not that tiring, but you need to climb a hill.
Don’t worry, you get to see a nice scenery
There is a small sheep farm in front of the entrance. It’s my first time seeing sheep that fluffy.
It cost around 300¥ ish. You get a free postcard too.
Not only, “sakura”, they also have a lot of colorful tulips.


The park looks quite big in the picture, but actually it’s not that big
What you see is actually not a “sakura”.
It is called shiba-zakura or some people call it moss-phloxes.


Shibazakura (Phlox subulata) is a perennial of the family Polemoniaceae.
It’s a species of Phlox.
It blooms around April to May
It blossoms of around 1.5 cm diameter in various colors.
Red, Pink, Purple, or White.


The shape is quite similar with cherry blossom, but it’s actually a creeper plant.
It covers the ground like a lawn. That’s why it’s called lawn-cherry (Shibazakura)


I’m not sure what kind of Shibazakura they have here..
McDaniel’s Cushion, Scarlet Flame, Autumn Rose, and tons more.


Actually they have another Shibazakura in Fuji, but I did not manage to catch that
( I went to Fuji too many times already)



I love how they manage to plant the shibazakura so it looks like a huge pink carpet.


And the color combination is also nice. They create some kind of pattern.
That day was actually quite hot.
If you haven’t eaten your lunch, there are some food vendors here.


Not that many, but the taste is good.
Fellas, if you do not manage to catch the Sakura season, don’t feel bad.
You still can catch the shibazakura here. Probably it’s not the same as sakura, but it’s still pretty right?
Anyway! Have a good day
As usual, comments are always loved.


  1. Wow, the tulips and Shibazakura is so beautiful too!
    Wonderful photos. Have a lovely week Angel 🙂

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

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