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Akasaka Photographer Job

Dear readers,
I am sorry for not writing for a long time.
I was busy with my thesis and job hunting.
However, they are all over and now I have some time to relax.
(uh, not really, I’m still taking Japanese lesson)
For those who did not know, from May to July I took an internship in a company in Nogizaka – Akasaka.
I did design (mainly web design), but I also took photos.
I got the opportunities to explore Akasaka and I really love that area.
Good food, spacious road.
I wanna share some photos I took in Akasaka.
Location: Hie Jinja
Nearest station: Akasaka
No admission fee


You don’t have to fly to Kyoto to see these Torii.


This is the place where you should wash your hands.


The weather was perfect. Not too hot.
It’s getting really hot recently.



Second location: Myogonji Temple (Toyokawa Inari Shrine)
Nearest Station: Akasaka Mitsuke (you can also walk from Akasaka St.)
This temple has a lot of fox statues here,











Fox is cute, isn’t it?
Anyway, I’m going to reconstruct my blog.
Wait for it!

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