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Summer Adventure Ft. Marco Tj

Oh no!! I realized I haven’t wrote anything since August. I got a lot of things to do (scratch that, I’m actually just lazy).
Long story short, within these past 3 months, I submitted my thesis, graduated (and I made it to the dean’s list. #talknerdtome), my parents came visit me for graduation, I had my graduation trip, and I started working already.
Wait, do I miss anything?
It’s getting cold already in Japan, so I’m going to write something related to summer, I guess.
Last summer I went to Kamakura with the awesome Marco Tj.  I haven’t been there for ages, so I just tagged along and we went there to snap a few pictures.
Now you guys know him.
I think last time I went there was during new year and so it was super packed. I got to relax this time.
And actually it’s my first time reading the EnoDen.
FYI, in Kamakura station, a bundled ticket is sold. By only paying 720¥ish, you can enjoy a free ride along the Enoshima Electric Railway (I think the ticket also cover until Ofuna station and Fujisawa station).
This railway is so special because it goes along the beach and the road.
(See what I mean?)
You can take photo this close with the train.
(Actually there’s one photo where I stood in the middle of the track. But it was on Marco’s camera I guess)
He works for Danny Choo and he went there to record some videos. Lucky me, he also allowed me to use his Fuji X2. All photos in this post were taken with Fuji X2. These are the places we went to..
鎌倉大仏 – Kamakura Daibutsu


It’s the 2nd tallest Buddha statue after the one in Nara


Entrance Fee is 200¥
Marco was working seriously. Meanwhile I was playing happily
Probably he was thinking “why did I bring this girl in the first place again??”
It was so hot and tiring. Don’t worry, there are several street vendors that sell ice-cream. We had lunch in a small Kebab Restaurant. The owner was so nice.
LOL I am always happy when it comes to food!!


NYAAMMM!!! Itadakimasu
Next stop is…


長谷寺 – Hasedera Temple


I found a beautiful statue here.


This temple is most famous for the statue of Kannon, goddess of mercy.


This is the temple, entrance fee is 300¥ btw





From this temple, you can see the entire Kamakura.
(The hike was not that bad actually)


That awkward moment when you’re holding a trash and it’s shown in the picture.
Oh! I was sick that time, so I carried a lot of tissue packs with me.


I found a pathway to heaven


There’s a pond in this temple. It’s really hot that day and I found this pond helped cooling the temperature,
鶴岡八幡宮 - Tsurugaoka Hachimangu
(I could not take a lot of photo here because I was too tired to go through that stairs)
Good thing that we bought the free pass. We can stop at wherever. We decided to go the beach because apparently, there are several locations which are famous and frequently used as shooting location
Like this one.
Stop at 稲村ケ崎 – Inamuragasaki station
This one is 鎌倉高校前- Kamakura KoukouMae Station
If you happen to follow my instagram (@angeliastefani), you might have seen these pictures. These are taken by Marco.
I don’t remember when was this photo taken.
I was taking off my mask
(I have to wear that because I was terribly sick)




Too sad because it was almost sunset and I need to go home
He’s so good right? I’m not pretty. I just happen to hang out with the right people (hehehe kidding!)
ごめんねえ。I post too many selfies in this post. Please don’t get bored of it LOL.
I’ll see you in the next adventure!

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  1. I’ve always loved your photos, and wish I could be around such beautiful landscape! And laziness is totally understandable haha I always try to fight it, and lose most of the time >_<

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