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Ocean’s 20.

Hey guys! I hope you had an amazing week. I guess you must realized something different. Yup, I moved to my own domain here.
Don’t worry, all my old posts were still there and it still can be read. It’s still the same author :D. Let me know if you like my new layout or any comments you have for my blog.

Anyway, I was in Singapore (again) and Malaysia last week to attend a conference, but let’s save the story for later ;D

What I’m going to write in this post is not about the sequel of Matt Damon’s film (will they even make the sequel of Ocean’s 13?). It’s actually about the Ocean’s Day on July 20th 2015. It’s like 4 months ago OTL… Forgive my laziness.
What’s so special about that day? It was the Ocean’s day in Japan, so it was a national holiday. Me and my friends decided to go watch the Avengers on AquaCity, Odaiba.

We have this group called KMDb got it? KMDb! It’s basically a pun of iMDB. Our faculty is called Keio Media Design and it’s shortened as KMD.


That day, there was a festival to celebrate the Ocean Day. Therefore, we came all the way from Yokohama to Odaiba.
(Oh I love Odaiba, the first generation of Digimon happened in Odaiba!)


We came in the morning, ate lunch, and watched Avengers. It was around 4 PM when the movie finished. We had plenty time before the festival started at 6 PM. So we just wandered around Odaiba.


The rainbow bridge. At night, sometimes the bridge is lit by rainbow-colored lights.


I don’t even know why the have the replica of Liberty Statue there.


Then we have to walk to one of the monorail station. I think it’s called お台場海浜公園 (Odaiba Kaihim Koen). From that station, it’s only 5 minutes walk to the beach.


I normally prefer winter than summer, because you can always put more layers if you’re cold. But in summer you can’t take off your clothes. One thing I love about summer is the fact that the day lasts longer. The picture above is taken around 6PM.



Meet Eria, she’s getting married this week!
(Miss you so much!)


The highlight of this post: The festival.
There were a lot of candles arranged in the beach. As the day became night, a lot of people began to gather and lit the candles.


It’s actually pretty dangerous and not eco-friendly. There candle’s container were made from paper. A lot of children running around and they accidentally knocked off and burned the paper containers.


But it was still pretty.



I think we stayed there until 8PM or so. It was pretty, but it can’t be darker because of light pollution.


I don’t have a lot of photos to be uploaded. I checked my camera and most of the photos are either too dark or blurry. Probably my hands were not in their best condition back then (LOL, excuse).

Thanks for reading! As usual, comments are always loved and let me know what should I write next!



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