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Thing to do in Summer: Fireworks

It’s now 7 celcius in my room. I’m typing this blogpost while laying in my bed, inside layers of blanket, while munching pineapple cakes. That explains all the weights gain LOL. 


I fell last week and kind of injured my right knee. I’m fine right now, but the doctor prohibit me from doing sports. Meh, me no likey… 🙁 Also, I was busy with other things last week and abandoned this blog.


Anyway, I was browsing through my summer photos and find these tons of photo from the fireworks event in Japan.

Fireworks is common during summer in Japan. Back in my home country, we lit fireworks whenever we want (like new year, Chinese new year, etc).


Last year, I went to watch the one in Sumida River (closest station: 浅草 Asakusa). It was one of the biggest fireworks event during summer and the crowd was awesome. My and my friends even have to line for 2 hours when the fireworks ended, just to go back to Asakusa station and take the train.


These are the pictures taken in Sumida. It’s quite common to see people wearing Yukata during fireworks. It was very hot, even when you wear yukata, you’ll still sweat a lot.



When attending a bit fireworks festival, normally people come earlier to get a good spot (my friends even came 2 hours before).

TIPS: bring your own picnic mat, you don’t want to sit on the asphalt unless you want to burn your butt 😀


This year I went to Minato Mirai fireworks festival.

It’s also one of the big fireworks event. The good thing about this one is, it’s located in Yokohama. It’s really close to my home LOL  Kidding, there are several accesses to Minato Mirai fireworks festival. You can either go there from Yokohama, Minato Mirai, Shintakashima, JR stations, etc. You don’t have to worry about the post-fireworks crowd.


Usually most of the events are free. Minato Mirai fireworks is also fee, but you can also pay extra 2000¥ to get a privilege space. From this space you can get even prettier view of the fireworks.



We did not buy the tickets, but we also get a good view of the fireworks.



My friend helped me with the Yukata. If you can’d do it by yourself, don’t worry, usually beauty salon do 浴衣気付.



It was so pretty! I’ll definitely go again next year. Hopefully with a someone special LOL 




That’s all and I hope you had a good read.

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