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I don’t really have much to say this time. I’m just going to share some photos I took during last Sakura season in Tokyo. There’s a lot of places with beautiful Sakura in Tokyo, but I think I have been to almost all of them. Hopefully, you’re not bored with all these pink flowers.

Location: Yoyogi Park

Access: Harajuku

I had this Hanami event with some friends from my church. There were a lot of people that some people had to come early and tag place. Normally hanami spot are crowded during the weekend that you have to come early and tag a place. You can bring food and drinks from outside, but make sure you clean up your space later.

img_1247 img_1239 img_1232

We were a bit early. I think most of the tree in Yoyogi had not fully bloomed yet. But still, there were a lot of people.

img_1260 img_1259 img_1297

I tried to take some macro photos and it was so hard.. I want a new lens (and a new camera lol). Yoyogi park is quite big, there were a lot of big groups (or even, some company event). I accidentally met some coworkers at that park

img_1232 img_1242 img_1265

(The man in blue jacket is now my boyfriend by the way heheheh, just FYI).

From Yoyogi, there’s a dog cafe where you  can rent a dog and take it for a walk. My boyfriend (at that time, he was still on the friendzone hehehe) actually invited me there, but unfortunatelly, the place was too crowded. So I went to drop by Nakameguro river to take some pictures.

img_1306 img_1310 img_1315

I did not take a lot of pictures because every year I always go to Nakameguro to see the Sakura. I don’t want to keep posting the same location every year hahaha. It’s really close to where I live btw that’s why I always go there.

img_1309 img_1333

The only difference this year is I took one shot from the train platform. It’s actually illegal and dangerous. Even in the platform, there’s a banner saying not to take pictures because it’s dangerous. But I saw a lot of Japanese also took picture from there, so I followed them hehehe. Promise, I won’t do it anymore.

I think next time, I will post some Sakura photos I took at Roppongi, Sumida, and Nagatoro (Saitama). Until that time, please bear with my slowness (in editing the photos).


Alright. As usual, comments are always loved!

Have a good weekend, people!


  1. Phil Phil

    Nice photos as usual! Have you been to the ones in Chiyodagafucho?

    • Angel Stefani Angel Stefani

      Hey Phil! Long time no see.
      Do you mean Chidorigafuchi? I went there last year 😀

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