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Tokyo Midtown Sakura

Hey, I came back with another post. Recently I was busy making my personal site. So, I haven’t got any time to blog.

It’s already cold here in Tokyo and yet I’m still posting about Sakura. Hahahaha. My friends told me that I never post anything exactly at the correct timing. LOL. Can’t be helped.

I went to Sumida, near the Tokyo Skytree to take some photos last spring. My friend, Naoki, he took a beautiful pictures at Sumida and  I wanted to take the same photo. Hehehe, thumbs up Naoki, you’re my inspiration! You guys should check his instagram at @naoki.higuchi.



Sumida is one of the fave Sakura destination. I went there on Sunday and it’s really normal to be that crowded.


I walked along the river. Actually there’s a boat that can take you along the river. I don’t know how much it costs, but it was so full of tourist. The photos above are taken from the opposite side of Tokyo Skytree.




I walked quite far actually. I wanted to go to the opposite side, closer to the Skytree. Hehehe. By the way, these trees are lit up during night, so you can also see them in the darkness.





I was trying to get the photos of Skytree in between the Sakura. Hahahaha you can click the picture to enlarge it.

img_1382 img_1388

From Sumida, the next several days I guess, I remember my friend Marco invited me to Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi to see the sakura. He brought one of his friend, Ghani. Both of them are awesome photographers. And Ghani let me use his super cool full-frame camera!!


Tokyo Midtown Sakura is not that many, it’s not like that park where you can sit and enjoy the view. There are some sakura trees and they’re lit up during the night.



IMHO, they’re pretty during the night.I’m not sure tho about the day. I went there after works on Monday. So there was not a lot of people there.



I think that’s all for my Sakura post. I still have one Sakura post at Nagatoro, Saitama. I wish I could write as soon as possible.


And as usual, comments are always loved!

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