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I miss the flowers

Sakura viewing at Nagatoro

The weather was very weird here in Tokyo. Last week we had the first snow in November, which is really rare. The last snow in November was like… 54 years ago. Global warming is real, people. Wake up.

Work has not been very well too and it makes me feel gloomy recently. Probably it’s the weather, probably winters is coming, or whatever. People said human tends depressed more during the winter. Well, I don’t know.

I really miss the flowers (and sun!). Can spring come faster, please? 😀

Went to Nagatoro, Saitama earlier this year. The sakura there was really pretty! And you know what’s the best part?

There were not as crowded as here in Tokyo!

I’m going to share some photos here.


Nagatoro located around 2,5 hours by train from Tokyo. Me and some friends went there from Ikebukuro -> Seibu Chichibu station –> Nagatoro Station. I don’t remember the price, but  I’m sure if you check it online, you’ll find it.


Beside the sakura, there’s so much activities you can do there, like rafting, river boating, paragliding, and you can see the Paleo Locomotive there. (I think it’s still operating).

For us, our main goal is to see the Sakura. Here are the photo taken in Nagatoro. (You can click it and zoom it for more details!)

img_1435 img_1438 img_1439 img_1442  img_1449 img_1453

I went there with Marco and Willy (those talented photographers) and cutie pie Felicia.

img_1460 img_1459

And we got the chance to play with dandelion too.

img_1474 img_1477

img_1469 img_1467

I had bunch of photos… sorry, this post will contain tons of photos.

img_1464 img_1471 img_1480 img_1483 img_1490 img_1498 img_1512 img_1513 img_1515 img_1516

Here’s the river for the river boating. The valley is called Iwadatami and the fall foliage in this area is also really pretty


From Iwadatami, we walked along the rail track for the locomotive. I really hope that I can catch the glimpse of the locomotive, but we’re a bit unlucky.

Nonetheless, the view is still amazing.

img_1518 img_1544 img_1519












Since we did not get to see the locomotive, we decided just to follow the railway. I think we walked for 4km or so. The view alongside the railway was mesmerising and there were barely any people there. We can take photo leisurely.

img_1520 img_1522 img_1524 img_1526 img_1527 img_1528 img_1541

Last but not least. Willy took some pictures of me and I think his photographs are really pretty. He’s based in Tokyo, so if any of you need some photographers, I can refer you to him.


  1. Love the pictures and photogaraphy

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