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Meeting Audrey Hepbear

Hey guys! I’m continuing my last post at Jeju. Last time, I went to the Alive Trick Art Museum. Next to it, there’s a teddy bear museum which exhibits tons of teddy bears in various outfits and situations. There’re some of famous people you might know such as Audrey HepBear, Albear Einstein, Clawlie Chaplin. Right, sorry for the bad puns hehehe. Aside from the Teddy Bear Museum, there’se several places I visited too such as the Oedolgae, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, and Yakcheonsa Temple.

First Stop: Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum located near to the Trick Art Museum (if you read my previous post). It opens from 9AM to 8PM. With 10000KRW admission fee, you can see varieties of Teddy Bear from hundred years ago, including the world’s smallest teddy bear which is only 4,5 mm.

 NYC Bear Disney Bear

They arrange the Bears in various situations (like sunbathing, surfing, etc) and some in famous location, like the 2 photos above, it’s the NYC Times Square and Disney Resort.

There are also big Teddy Bears that resemble famous people from all over the world.

Charlie Chaplin and Elvis Presley

Chaplin Bear Elvis Bear

Albert Einstein and Vincent van  Gogh

 Einstein Bear Picasso Bear

Bruce Lee and Marylin Monroe

BruceLee Bear Marylin Bear

And the beautiful Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Hepburn Bear

There’re also some bears that remind you of the famous masterpiece, like…

Monalisa and The Thinker

Monalisa Bear Thinking Bear

And the Creation of Adam

They also have a shop that sell Teddy Bears in various size (I wanted a big one, but I did not know how to bring it back home hahaha) and a cafe with a spectacular view of Jungmun Sea. If you’re a fan of teddy bear, this place is worth visited.

Lunchie: Jeju’s specialty Black Pork (혹돼지)
Jeju Black Pork (혹돼지)

Second Stop: Oedolgae Rock

I think Daejanggeum was filmed here once. It’s a formation of rock, 20m in height and 10m in diameter. It’s surrounded by beautiful view of the islands and blue sea.

No admission fee.

Oedolgae Oedolgae

Emo me
Emo me LOL

 Third Stop: Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

The name literally means “Sky Connected with Land”. The 22m waterfall has a clear water and surrounded by spacious area for strolling around.

Cheonjiyeon Falls

It’s pretty but there were too many people, that explains why I can’t take a lot of photos (not too mention the light was too strong). Be careful, so that you won’t be hit by a selfie stick!

Last Stop : Yakcheonsa Temple

Yakcheonsa Temple is the largest Buddist Temple in Jeju. It was so spacious and colorful! I arrived just before the sunset and we need to catch the plane to Busan. We could not really explore the area.

Yakcheonsa Temple

There’s no admission fee and the temple also offers you a temple stay, I guess for meditation.

Colorful Lantern Colorful Temple

It’s easy to go here, just use the airport limo no 600 and the bus stop is just few metres away from the temple.

The pagoda is really tall, you can see it from afar.

That’s all my itinerary in Jeju Island. If I have chance, I LOVE to visit there again.. It’s a good place to relax, good view and good food, and so any activities to do.

Next stop is Busan! Stay with me for the next adventure.


As always, I really appreciated your comments!

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