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Busan Lantern Festival

Hey guys, if you have been following my blog, recently I post a lot about my travel in Korea. After Jeju, I went to Busan (around 45 mins plane ride from Jeju). Unfortunately, due to the strong wind again, my plane to Busan was delayed and I ended up arriving in Busan at (almost) midnight. My itinererary in Busan are including the Gamcheon Cultural Village, Taejongdae, Haeundae Beach, and Busan Lantern Festival.

I stayed at Ibis Hotel in Sasang, which is a really convenience location. It’s located around Bujeon Station which is happened to be the location of the Busan Lantern Festival. I actually did not plan to see the Festival, the hotel staffs recommended me to go there.

First Stop: Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village is houses built on a mountain in a staircase-like structure that this place is also well-known as the Machu-Pichu of Busan. The houses are so colorful and the alley are vibrantly decorated with mural and sculpture.

Gamcheon1 Gamcheon2

Board the train to Toseon Station and take the bus no 2, 1-1 or 2-2 to reach the village.


There’re some sculpture from “The Little Prince” too, but I failed to locate it.

Second Stop: Taejongdae

Taejongdae lighthouse and the Oryukdae island is supposed to be one of the attraction of Busan. If you go to the lighthouse, you can see the Tsushima island of Japan.

You can walk to the observatory placeĀ or board the Danubi train for 2000Won.

SADLY! when I reached the observatory place, the fog began to cover the entire place and I can’t see anything, let alone the Tsushima island, I can’t even see the rocky beach šŸ™


See, see..?! Cannot see anything la..

Conclusion: Not recommended, full of tourist and on foggy day, you can’t see anything.

Third Stop: Haeundae Beach

I spent like 3 hours waiting for the Danubi Train in Taejongdae. Aishhh… I should not do that since the place is not really that impressing. It’s totally full of tourist.

I ended up arrive at Haeundae at night. However, my friend told me that Haeundae is like “the hip place” in Busan. There’re a lot of restaurants near the beach.

Haeundae Haeundae2

The nearest subway station is the Haeundae Station and the beach is just 15 mins away. Even when it’s night, there’re still a lot of people in this beach.


Last Stop: Busan Lantern Festival

After having our dinner around Haeundae, we went back to our hotel. My dad and my bro wanted to rest, so it’s only me and my mom going for the Lantern Festival.

Busan Lantern Festival

The festival place is not that far from our hotel. Probably around 15-20 mins walk.

The year of Monkey

The festival takes place every May from the 1st to 17th. On the opening day, usually there’s aĀ opening and lightning ceremony of the festival.

Busan1 Busan2

The nearest subway station will be Bujeon exit 8.

I think the lantern festival is really interesting. You can see a lot of lantern in various shapes and characters, not just the usual lotus shaped lantern. Some of them also can move, like the dragon lantern. It is actually a dragon-shaped lantern which is moved by a machine.

Busan Lantern Festival

That’s all my itinerary to Busan. I only spent a day and a night there and I could not really explore the town. However, I definitely want to go back there again if I have the chance.

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