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DMM Planets by Team Lab Experience

Hey guys! Thank you for always reading. I come up with another adventure today. This was taken last summer (August 2016) when it was really hot here in Japan. There was an art exhibition in Odaiba from DMM Planets by Team Lab. It was really famous and a lot of people post about it on instagram, so I decided to take a look with a friend.

Halo semuanya.. Agustus tahun lalu di Odaiba ada semacam art exhibition dari DMM Planets by Team Lab. Di inner circle aku yang tinggal di Jepang banyak banget yang ngepost tentang si DMM Planets ini, makanya aku bela belain panas panasan di Odaiba buat lihat si exhibition ini.

DMM Planets


I heard there’s another one in Singapore, but I’ve never seen that one. I’m not going to talk about that. This DMM Planets in Japan was actually a part of Odaiba Minna no Yume Tairiku. It was one of the big event in Odaiba during the whole month. So, in order to go there, you need to buy the Yume Tairiku entrance ticket (which is around 1200Yen I guess). You don’t have to buy any extra ticket to go inside DMM Planets.

However, me and my friend did not really want to line (and the line is quite long) under the striking sun. We bought the priority pass which cost additional 1000yen on top of the entrance ticket. It was worth it tho.

DMM Planets di Jepang ini merupakan bagian dari Odaiba Minna no Yume tairiku di Odaiba. Jadi kita cukup beli entrance feenya aja dan kita bisa masuk ke berbagai atraksi termasuk si DMM Planets ini. Tapi karena Agustus itu panas banget dan antriannya lumayan panjang, aku sama temen aku beli priority passnya lagi.

I feel that this art exhibition also emphasise the “interaction” aspect. It was a bit dark inside and when we went in, the staff will guide us to put our shoes in the locker and they give us waterproof phone case. A professional camera is also allowed inside. ¬†The exhibition was separated into several room.

The first room is a black room with fluffy floor, like a bean bag, but even more fluffier. The moment I stepped into the room, I felt into that fluffy floor and I can’t stand anymore. I need to crawl to next room.

And each room are connected through dark corridors. The floor in the corridors also varies. Some corridor has cold floor and the other has the artificial grass. You have to rely on your touch sense because you really can’t see anything.

The next room is a room full of lights. The lights kept animating every few minutes.

They have wide space for you to sit down and just relax. They staff did not rush us at all.

Pretty girl, Punne

The third room is a room full of water. The depth was only until my mid calves tho, if you wear jeans you need to roll them a bit.

We had to be careful not to drop things. There were several staff patrolling just in case there’s someone who need help.

The last room is a very spacious room shaped like a dome. It looked like a planetarium, except that the projected image is not a galaxy or planets, but flowers. So many people lie down and rest in this room. This room is pretty much darker compared to the other room so I could not really take picture (beside I want to relax too).


It’s one of the best exhibition I’ve ever been too. It utilise my sight, hearing, touch to enjoy the whole exhibition. I really like how they pay attention to the interaction in each room. Even they put surprises in the connecting corridor.

I’m not sure if they’ll have it again this year, but if they do, I recommend you to go here or the one in Singapore.

This post is probably a little bit short, but I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for reading and I appreciate your comments very much.

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