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Little Ghibli at Huasan 1914 Creative Park

Hello! It’s getting warmer here in Japan with a hint of pink. Unfortunately, I’m not going to write about Sakura this time, but about the Ghibli Exhibition at Huasan 1914 Creative Park (華山1914文創園区) in Taipei.

Thanks for keep in touch with me, tahun lalu sempat ada Ghibli exhibition di Huasan 1914 Creative Park di Taipei. Terus, karena aku suka banget sama Ghibli dan karena Jepang lumayan deket sama Taiwan, aku ke sana deh pas Obon Holiday.


I stayed around Taipei Main Station and you can go to Huasan by walking for around 30 minutes. We passed so many food stall and they’re way cheaper than here in Japan (and also tastier).

Hotel aku ada di daerah Taipei Main Station, sebenernya kalo mau ke Huasan akses terdekatnya itu Zhong Xiao Xing Sheng Station (忠孝新生) tapi bisa juga kok 30 menit jalan kaki dari Taipei Main Station.

My brekkie is less than 300Yen, can you believe that?

What’s there

When I came there, there was 3 different exhibitions: Ghibli exhibition, Wally exhibition, and the upside down house exhibition. Three of them requires different ticket ranging from 175-200Yuan.

Pas aku ke sana ada 3 exhibition: Ghibli, Where’s Wally, sama Upside Down House. Masing-masing tiketnya beda beda, antara 175-200 yuan.

Wally Exhibition

The upside down house

And Ghibli.

The Inside

I went there on weekday, but there were so many people. People can take picture inside the exhibition, however, the lighting is not that good. Some corners and areas are a little bit hard and it was hard to take pictures.

Di dalamnya kalian boleh ambil foto. Tapi di beberapa spot memang lightingnya agak ga bagus jadi agak susah ambil foto. Apalagi pas aku ke sana lumayan rame.

Sophie, from Howl Moving Castle

Porco Rosso

Last year there was another Ghibli exhibition in Japan. In my opinion, the one in Taiwan is better because some of the decoration looks like 3D  (trick-eye kind of decoration) and you need a special angle to take it.

(I think this is Laputa, but I’m not sure. Any Ghibli fans here?)

(I’m sorry, It’s my fault, I made you suffer. It’s OK, the day you fall from heaven, my heart was beating so fast that I know something good is going to happen)

I can name some of the exhibition there. How many can you name it?

(I don’t know this one)

(This is the robot from Castle in the Sky / Laputa)

These are Kiki’s Delivery Service.

(And so are these)

And there are some properties where you can interact and take photo with. The staff will help you to take picture.

(Kalian juga bisa foto sama beberapa set di exhibitionnya. Staff di sana bisa bantu kalian untuk ambil foto.)

(the balloon from Kiki Delivery Service and No Face from Spirited Away)

(I don’t know which setting is this, can someone help me with the name of the movies?)

Cat Bus and Mei-chan from My Neighbour Tottoro

(Look at that Tottoros)

(These are the raccoons from Pom Poko)

(Great Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke)

(This is also Mononoke Hime)

(Chihiro from Spirited Away)

(and Yubaba also from Spirited Away)

I think I missed some photos from Nausicaa and Ponyo. I remember they displayed something from Nausicaa and Ponyo.

At the exit, you can find a souvenir shops that sells Ghibli Merchandise.

Di dekat exitnya ada toko souvenir yang jual merchandise Ghibli.


As a Ghibli fans, I enjoyed visiting this exhibition. It’s like the scenery I’ve seen in the movie came alive right in front of my eyes. I know that probably by now, the exhibition has ended but hopefully they have another one in future, with all the works from Ghibli Studio.


  • A heaven for Ghibli fans
  • The ticket is not that really expensive
  • Good quality exhibition (the statue and background)


  • Lighting is a bit too dark
  • Not displaying all works of Ghibli (but it’s good enough already)

And, that’s all for me. As usual, your comments always brighten my day. Have a good day

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