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12 Hours in Saga: Yoshinogari Park

Hello! Thank you for reading my latest post about Saga International Balloon Festival. I’ll continue my post in Saga and a little bit sneak peek about Fukuoka. There’s this historical park in Saga called Yoshinogari Park. It displays the Yayoi civilisation from 3BC to 3AD.

Yoshinogari Park

Yoshinogari park is around 45 mins drive from the Saga Balloon Festival location. My boyfriend was too tired after the long drive, so I was the one driving to Yoshinogari Park. If you go by train, it costs around 840Yen (local train) or 2000Yen (express train) from Fukuoka to Yoshinogari Kouen.

I went at the last week of October and it was a Park Day, which means… no entrance fee, yay!!! The usual entrance fee is 420Yen.

This park is quite big and they’ll give you a map when you go in. However, the main attraction is the settlement. There’re two settlement inside which is the Kitanaikaku and Minaminaikaku.

Check this page for more info.

You can get inside the house and the watch tower. Both of the settlements are currently under reconstruction, but you can still see it.

The house without the pillar (short house) is the house for the residence, while the one with pillar (slightly raised structure) is the cooking house. The really tall one is the watch tower.

The settlement is made as similar as possible during the Yayoi period. You can also spot some wild boar replica made from wood.

Near Minaminaikaku, there’s a village called Minaminomura and it’s a good spot to take photos.

It’s not a really famous place, so when I went there it was really quiet and not so many visitors there (even if it’s free). I’d recommend to go here only if you’re in Saga and you don’t know where to go or what to do.

Momochi Seaside Park

From Saga, we drove back to Fukuoka and we decided to drop by Momochi Seaside Park. It’s an open space close to the beach in Fukuoka. You don’t have to pay anything and you can just walk along the beach.

Momochi seaside park is located just in the centre of the city. You can enjoy the beach while gazing at the high-rise building at the same time. There’s a building to hold wedding ceremony too.

(Someone was actually having a wedding when I went there)

I know about this place when Thailand influencer, Pimtha post a picture here and it was so pretty. Fukuoka is also really close to Korea. Therefore, there’re a lot of Korean tourist in this place.

I think that Yoshinogari and Momochi Seaside Park is a must visited location. However, if you want to look for location aside from shopping centre and crowded place, or you have spare time and you don’t know what to do, I think it’s worth to go here.

If you stay in Fukuoka, going to Yoshinogari probably will cost you some transport money, but Momochi seaside park won’t cost you anything (food perhaps).

And that’s all for the post this time. I know it’s a little bit short. I’ll try to post often, but shorter blog post.

Thank you for reading and see you at my next post, still in Fukuoka.

Have a good day and as usual, you comments are always loved <3

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