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Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Hey, I hope you have a nice weekend. Mine was so so… By the way, I started doing my daily UI challenge for fun, I hope I can stay until day 100 (I’m on day 20 right now). This time I’ll write about another park in Fukuoka, and this will be my last post about Fukuoka. The park I went to is Uminonakamichi Seaside Park. It’s located on the beach area of Fukuoka and it’s really pretty.

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Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

海の中道海浜公園, Uminonakamichi Kaihin Kōen is located across the bay from central Fukuoka and it’s a huge public park, mainly for family.

When I said huge, it’s really huge (or Yuge).. I think it’s bigger than Shinjuku Gyoen. Next to the park there’s an aquarium, but I did not go there.

The park cost 410yen. We drove there, but if you opt for public transport, you can go there with train (cheaper but slower, around 40 mins) or with Ferry from Momochi beach (1030 one way, but only takes 20 mins).

I went there on Fall and the weather was still warm. There was not many flowers anymore. I rented bike (tandem bike with my boyfriend) and it costed me around 600Yen per 3 hours. Single bike is cheaper (around 400yen or 700yen for the whole day).

The route for bike is different from the walking path, so it’s really safe to bike.

The park is separated into several area.. First is a mini farm.


… or a mini zoo.. At first I thought it was a mini farm because they have petting area (area where you can touch the goats and sheep)

also a little pony stall.

However, after I walked around, I can also find another animals, such as..

Monkeys and Kangaroos

Capybara and Llama

And even flamingos.

That’s why I think it looks like a mini zoo compared to a farm. And it’s not so mini, we spent like 2 hours in this area to see all the animals.

The playground

The other area we visited is the play area. A lot of family went there because in this area they have a huge outdoor playground, the bouncy trampoline , and a giant slide. I tried the slide!! So sorry, no pictures in this area because I was too engrossed myself.

(I played like a kid, that’s all)

There’s a little garden here that still have a little bit of flower, lavender and a pink-colored flowers (I don’t know the name of the flower).

The flower field was not super big nor pretty (because it was almost gone), but it’s still nice seeing some flower in the autumn.



I think Fukuoka is pretty much similar with the other big cities like Tokyo or Yokohama. Full of high-rise building. It’s nice to find such a family recreational park around here.


  • It’s good if you just want to relax, play, and enjoy yourself.
  • There’s aquarium nearby.
  • Good for family


  • Far and transport fee is not that cheap either.
  • It might be boring if you go yourself.
  • Crowded during the weekends or holidays

That’s another short post I wrote. Please write a comment if there’s any place or tips you want me to write.

Have a good day and as usual, your comments are always loved <3 See you on the next post.

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