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Hen na Hotel: A Night with Robots

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy my last post in Huis Ten Bosch. I’m going to post some more picture of Huis Ten Bosch this time and I’ll introduce Hen na Hotel where I was staying last time.

Holaaa…. Kali ini aku bakal ngepost lagi beberapa foto di Huis Ten Bosch plus Hen na Hotel, hotel pertama yang mostly dioperasikan oleh robot; ya ada juga sih staff manusianya hehehe.

First Stop: Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch open until late night and after me and my friend go somewhere else, we decided to go back there and just have dinner there. Your ticket valid for entire day, no mater how many times you go in and out the gate, but before you go out from the gate, stamp yourself with the stamp on the gate so that the staff can check you for the re-entrance.

Karena Huis Ten Bosch ini buka sampai malam, jadi habis jalan jalan dari 99shima, aku balik lagi ke sana buat makan malam. Nah tiket masuknya itu berlaku buat satu hari, bolak balik entrance gatenya pun ga masalah. Tapi kalian harus stamp tangan kalian pakai stamp yang disediakan di exit gatenya. Kalo sampe lupa stamp nanti kalian harus bayar lagi.

churi love light

The scenery at Huis Ten Bosch at night is pretty too. Too bad I did not come during the illumination season, it would have been even prettier.

Pemandangan pas malamnya juga ga kalah bagus sama pas siang hari. Cuma aku datengnya ga pas sama musim illumination. Katanya sih bakal lebih bagus lagi.

night huis ten bosch night huis ten bosch

night huis ten bosch night huis ten bosch

Me and my friend did not dare to pass the haunted house section at night hahahaha.

night huis ten bosch night huis ten bosch

We opted to dine at a seafood restaurant in Harbor Zone. I did not remember the name, but the restaurant is right in front of the drug store in Harbor Zone. We really wanted to try the clams in that restaurant.

fish and chips clams

Aku sama temen aku milih untuk dinner di Harbor Zone. Aku ga inget sih nama restorannya apa, tapi restorannya tuh pas di depannya drug store yang ada di Harbor Zone.

During the summer, they also sell the ajisai champagne, and so we tried that one too.

ajisai champagne

Our dinner was really good and the scenery was also good. Let’s call it a night!

night huis ten bosch night huis ten bosch

night huis ten bosch

Second Stop: Hen na Hotel

We stayed at Hen na Hotel (literally: strange hotel). It’s about 10 minutes walk from the bus stop area in Huis Ten Bosch.

Kami nginap di Hen na Hotel  (literally: strange hotel). Hotelnya kira kira 10 menit jalan kaki dari bus stop di Huis Ten Bosch.

Hen na Hotel

This hotel was opened at 2015 and it’s the first hotel to be (mostly) operated by robots. However, you still can find the humans staff too.

Hotel ini pertama kali dioperasikan pada tahun 2015. Hotel ini adalah hotel pertama yang staffnya robot. Ya ada juga sih staff manusianya.


When you go in, there’s a glass room to check in your luggage. This room is fully operated with a lever-like robot. The hotel check-in starts from 3PM. If you come in the morning, you can check in your luggage first. The fee for this luggage deposit thingy is 500yen.

Pas kalian masuk ke hotelnya, ada luggage room buat nitipin koper kalian. Kalian baru bias check-in di atas jam 3. Jadi kalo kalian datengnya kepagian, kalian bias nitip koper kalian di sini. Luggage room ini dioperasikan oleh robot dan biayanya 500yen.

luggage room

Then, in the reception area, there’re 3 robot receptionist, 1 human and 2 dinos. This machine also starts moving after 3. I arrived at the hotel around 11AM in the morning and I hardly seen any human staff there.

Resepsionisnya juga robot semua. Mereka baru dioperasikan setelah jam 3.

trex receptionist


I checked it online, the fee for Hen na Hotel is around 17000-20000yen per night (standard twin room). I booked a package (plane, hotel, and huis ten bosch entrance) from a travel agency, so I don’t know how much exactly I pay for the hotel.

Tarif menginap satu malam di Hen na Hotel ini sekitar 17000-20000yen. Aku pesan paket tour (include hotel, pesawat, sama tiket Huis Ten Bosch), jadi aku kurang tau aku bayar berapa buat hotelnya soalnya udah dibundling.

If you have so many luggage and you can opt to use the robot bell boy who can help carry your luggage.

The room and bathroom are also very spacious and very clean. The door lock is even equipped with a face recognition system. When you go in to your room, you can find your personal assistant on your bedside. The name is Churri.

Kamar sama kamar mandinya luas dan bersih banget. Terus kunci kamarnya juga dilengkapi dengan face recognition system. Begitu kalian masuk ke kamar kalian, personal assistant kalian udah menunggu di bedside table. Namanya Churri.


You can ask a lot of thing to Churri like how’s the weather today? Or what’s around the hotel? You can also told her to do a lot of thing like turning on and off the lamp or waking you up in the next morning. Churri can only speak English and Japanese.

Kalian bisa nanya banyak hal ke Churri, kayak cuaca hari itu, atau kalian bisa nyuruh nyuruh si Churi, kayak nyuruh matiin nyalain lampu, atau bangunin kalian besok harinya.


(We told Churri to wake us up next morning and she turned on the lamp in the morning and called us)

The breakfast is mostly Japanese/Western Style. They plan all the vegetables used in the salad by themselves, in their garden in the hotel.



Overall the price you paid for the hotel is equal with the service and quality you got. It was a pleasant experience staying in that hotel and I would not mind going there again.

  • It’s close with the attractions
  • Great service and unique experience
  • Clean and spacious room
  • Good food
  • Free Shuttle Bus to Huis Ten Bosch



And that’s all my review for Hen na Hotel. See you in the next post, still in Nagasaki!

Secara keseluruhan sih memang hotelnya mungkin agak mahal, tapi sebanding kok sama kualitas servisnya.

  • Deket ke Huis Ten Bosch
  • Servisnya bagus
  • Kamar bersih dan luas
  • Ada Shuttle Bus gratis ke Huis Ten Bosch

Soo… aku juga mau ke sana lagi (hehehe kalo dibayarin). Anyway, cukup sekian post dan review dari aku kali ini. Sampai ketemu lagi di post berikutnya, masih di Nagasaki.


As usual, comments are always loved!


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